At what temperature does white sugar burn

Roasted almonds - this is how they become perfect

What do I have to consider when preparing food in the oven?
For roasting in the oven, use an egg white that has been beaten lightly with a fork. Turn the almonds in it. Mix with sugar. Place in the oven at 150 degrees for 25 minutes. Turn the spatula once halfway through and make sure that the crust does not fall off.

What do I have to consider when preparing food in the microwave?
Melt sugar in water at 600 watts for one minute. Add the unpeeled almonds and stir. Roast in the microwave for another five minutes at 600 watts. Roll your fingers in the sugar-cinnamon mixture until you get a nice layer of sugar.

What do I have to consider when preparing with the food processor?
Warning: not every food processor is suitable for the production of roasted almonds. In order for the sugar to caramelize at all, the device must reach a temperature of at least 150 degrees.

How long can homemade almonds keep?
If packed airtight, they will last about 4 weeks. Tip: They only develop their full taste after two days - anticipation is known to be the greatest joy ...

How many kcal do roasted almonds have?
Almost 600 kcal per 100 g

Are roasted almonds vegan?
Traditionally, roasted almonds are prepared with sugar, water and almonds - so far, yes.