How to practice acting

Actor Exercises - Which exercises you should do every day.

Which exercises you should do regularly!

As an actor, you often ask yourself: "What should I practice every day?"

First of all, it is advisable to have a cell phone on a small tripod and a microphone.

Then you can best judge your language, that is the most important thing about this exercise. Take texts, perhaps from a well-known film, comedy or drama, and practice them. So you don't have to write any texts yourself!

An important distinction when choosing the text is between dialogue and monologue.

When you are alone, dialogues are of course difficult, because you have to think away from the other person's part.

In the monologue, however, you are the boss! Here, too, there is an important difference between monologues that are performed directly into the camera and monologues that are played past the camera, e.g. to a fictional figure in the room. It's a different feeling for you, but also for the viewer.

This exercise is extremely important for you to know: “How do I appear in front of the camera? How is my voice? "

These two aspects are extremely important. If you want to be seen with your whole body, take a few steps back.

It is best to rehearse in the living room, because you have more space and time than maybe in the kitchen or bathroom.

The tone is of secondary importance in the full-body recording, as action, movement and physical performance (hobbling, hopping, staggering or the like) are more in the foreground.

How to easily practice at home.

Monologues and dialogues take place from head to chest.

Set up your camera on a tripod in this area.

Casters usually want to see that in e-casting.

I recommend doing this at least twice a week.

Professional football players or pianists have to train their craft 8 hours a day, not only to improve, but to be able to maintain their level of training.

Of course you get better and more confident while practicing, but things can slip away from you and you can see them when you take pictures and notice them: “Oh, at this point I have to work again! How do i laugh

How do I look when I scream? "Even with extreme facial expressions, depending on the situation, you should have your facial expressions under control and try not to appear too theatrical.

Practice this every day and after a short time you will see an improvement in yourself!