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The ias foundation

The ias Foundation is the umbrella of the ias group. Its name is derived from the name "Institute for Occupational and Social Hygiene Foundation".

The companies of the ias group are committed to the mandate of the ias Foundation to promote the health and safety of people in the workplace. In addition, the ias group offers a comprehensive range of services in corporate health management, which is based on the needs of companies and employees and is further developed in line with current challenges in the world of work.

Our central task is to promote, maintain and restore the health and safety of people in the workplace, in the environment and in the private sphere.

Order of the ias foundation

Through numerous studies, research projects or measures such as the promotion of chairs and junior staff, the ias group keeps an eye on current changes and sets the course for a healthy and safe life and work in the future.

Since its establishment, the ias Foundation has developed into an established medium-sized company with around 1,300 highly qualified employees at 120 locations in Germany. More than 15,000 companies of various industries and sizes now benefit from our expertise.

The ias foundation mandate

The goals of the ias Foundation are to promote, maintain and restore human health at work, in the environment and in the private sphere, as well as work safety, work organization and environmental protection. In order to achieve its goals, the ias Foundation is developing new ways and methods. The test results and knowledge gained in everyday work are collected, scientifically evaluated and put into practice.

The foundation promotes interdisciplinary and international cooperation between doctors, engineers, psychologists and other experts in health protection, occupational safety and environmental protection. The foundation conducts basic, advanced and advanced training in its areas of activity, carries out its own research work and assessments, and can also award research contracts to other institutions. The work results of the foundation are made available to the public through publications and lectures, for example.

The foundation's mandate to research and implement new ways and innovative processes for the sustainable improvement of working conditions in companies is also the guiding principle of all companies in the ias group. The success of these companies under the umbrella of the ias Foundation is based on the demands we place on our daily actions.

The customer stand in the focus. We perform at our best for him. We consistently align our service provision to his requirements - from the planning of the service through order processing to documentation and billing.

Our Employee tailor-made service based on the current state of science and technology. We create the basis for this with personnel selection and systematic training and further education. We promote the professionalism, motivation and commitment of our employees through targeted measures.

We develope innovative solutions on the basis of profound specialist and industry knowledge as well as internal networking of specialists. The focus is on the qualifications, teamwork and service readiness of all employees.

"For us, our foundation goals are the mandate and motivation to actively break new ground in occupational health and safety: for working environments in which people can work healthily, safely and efficiently today and in the future."

Dr. Alexandra Schröder-Wrusch and Dr. Peter Wrogemann, board member of the ias Foundation

Studies and research projects on behalf of the ias Foundation

The ias group is funding a junior professorship at the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Lüneburg. Objective: The fundamental changes in the world of work, for example due to digitization or demographic influences, should be scientifically investigated and possible health risks identified. Read the press release from Leuphana University here

The ias group regularly conducts its own studies and surveys. These studies on topics such as increasing digitization or the agility of the working world complement the knowledge we have gained in day-to-day work - and we are fulfilling our foundation's mandate to research and implement new ways and innovative processes for the sustainable improvement of working conditions in companies.
To the studies of the ias group

Together with partner institutions, the ias group conducts studies that deal with the challenges of the world of work such as digitization or demography. The ias group works with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Fraunhofer Institute, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), the demography network dnn, universities and specialist magazines such as Personnel Management or the Handelsblatt.

  • Research project PräDiTec "Healthy digital work ?!" - Objective: The changed stress profile of working people due to advancing digitization is to be analyzed and specific preventive measures developed. https://gesund-digital-arbeiten.de/
  • Later Life Workplace Index - Objective: Company practices and working conditions should be shown and made measurable in order to maintain work performance, motivation and health of older workers. Learn more about the Later Life Workplace Index

To promote young talent in the field of occupational medicine, the ias group supports universities in the training of medical students. In current projects with the University of Greifswald or the University of Tübingen, the students gain insights into the everyday working life of experienced ias company doctors and experience firsthand: The field of occupational medicine is far more diverse and exciting than its reputation.

The ias group is also a member of the "Action Alliance for Occupational Medicine".

Board of the ias Foundation

  • Dr. med. Alexandra Schröder-Wrusch
    Board of Directors of the ias Foundation (spokesperson)
    Management Board ias Aktiengesellschaft (Chairwoman)
  • Dr. med. Peter Wrogemann
    Board of Directors of the ias Foundation
    Board of Directors ias Aktiengesellschaft

The executive board in brief

Board of Trustees of the ias Foundation

  • Dr. Norbert Bensel
    Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Bernd Bechtold
    Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Völter-Mahlknecht
    Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Ulrich Weber
    Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Stefan Matzke
    Chairman of the works council of ias Aktiengesellschaft
    Member of the Board of Trustees


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