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The most powerful intelligence in the world. The ten best secret agencies in the world


Do you think someone is following you, reading your email, and listening to your phone calls? Do not rush to run to the psychiatrist! It could be YOU! No, not aliens, but very real people - intelligence officers. And do not think that you are too insignificant to be of interest to the Knights of the Cloak and Dagger. Are there relatives abroad? What is no reason to watch! Who doesn't have it now, you say? Do you know what exactly they are doing? No? And the secret services know! Seriously, a country's intelligence services now have broad enough potential to track down just about anyone. Does this mean that someone can monitor you on a regular basis? Well, if your activity could be of interest to the specific services, then it is entirely possible. That is why we draw your attention to a list of the ten most influential secret services in the world.

1. RCI (India)

The Indian intelligence community is a powerful instrument serving the national interests of the country, encompassing all departments of the internal and external intelligence services. This organization has always attracted the attention of Western intelligence agencies, particularly due to the close relationship of the so-called RSI Research and Analysis Department with the intelligence agencies of the Soviet Union and Israel. Working undercover and gathering all kinds of information is far not the only goals of the RSI it pursued in other states. However, some facts suggest that Soviet intelligence played the lead violin in many aspects of the life of the Indian people until 1977, and generously funded the Indian government. However, the KGB did not function well enough and ignored money because it failed to maintain the influence of that country's Communist Party on the leadership. Be that as it may, many experts are certain that the RSI has been dancing along the lines of the USSR for a long time.

2. ASRA (Australia)

The main job of the Australian intelligence service is to extract and analyze information in the western Pacific, sabotage civilians and fight terrorism. It is likely that the fact that the ACRA structure is based on the principle of British MI6 intelligence will not be surprising news. It is noteworthy that the powers of Australian intelligence officers are extremely limited. In general, information on Australian intelligence is scarce. This can mean two things: it either works very well or it works very badly. Perhaps the mistake lies in the distance between mainland Australia and other continents. At one time, Australian intelligence was accused of intruding too much into the private lives of its citizens. I also remember a very strange case in which representatives of the Australian special services parted ways with imaginary terrorists during a training session to free one of the hotels in Melbourne that they caused significant damage to the hotel and used physical violence against several hotel employees to have.

3. PMR (Pakistan)

One of the most powerful secret services is in a South Asian state like Pakistan. Indeed, this is not surprising given that Pakistan has often been at the center of several military conflicts in adjacent areas. For this reason, many experts consider the PMR to be one of the best-organized intelligence agencies in the world. The country is far from having a clear stance on this organization, as Pakistani intelligence is often referred to as a "state within a state". Very often Pakistan's intelligence services draw the attention of Western intelligence agencies. (although it looks like that interest will never wane!). US officials often accuse Pakistani intelligence services of having links with terrorist organizations, particularly those in support of the Islamic Taliban movement, which the United Nations has officially classified as a terrorist organization. Given this information, the recent transfer of two reconnaissance planes from the U.S. Navy to the Pakistani naval reconnaissance can only be confusing. Here they are, real espionage intrigues!

4. Fed (Germany)

The Federal Intelligence Service of Germany has a number of high profile and successful operations that have been carried out in the history of the organization. The Fed is a real actor influencing the policies of many other countries. The complex structure of this organization is due to the numerous problems that Fed staff must solve every day in the context of national security. However, despite all the might of this organization, an absurd case is being rememberedwhich took place in 1997 and framed the Fed's foreign intelligence agents. The fact is that the Fed leadership issued special badges with the inscription "I love the Fed". The money from the sale of these badges was to be used to build kindergartens for the children of intelligence officers. The strange situation was that almost all the boy scouts who played in the Munich boy scout shipyards and carried out important and secret activities in other countries had these badges. It wasn't difficult to find out whose families the parents work in the secret service ...

5. GDVB (France)

Although many unfortunate people call the French “frogs,” the country's General Directorate for External Security has the most widespread spy network not only in Europe but also in the United States of America. Once upon a time, agents of the French secret services were held in very high esteem: their training was so well established that French agents were considered to be one of the most inventive when it came to conducting affairs within the framework of foreign secret services. However, since a steady stream of emigrants poured into France, all the armed forces of the French special services were forced to fight the terrorist threat and to prevent terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, skirmishes are happening in this visitor-involved country despite the French leadership's repeated attempts to convince its citizens to carefully filter the flow of emigrants. The most recent incident happened recently when a native Algerian shot dead three French soldiers claiming to be acting on behalf of al-Qaeda. According to the official authorities, however, no contacts between the murderer and the terrorist organization could be established ...

6. MGB (China)

"Knock, knock, I'm your friend!" Probably this motto would be best suited for the Chinese special services. Agents from many countries note the total impossibility of functioning on the territory of the People's Republic of China due to the extremely well-functioning denunciation system established by the PRC Ministry of State Security. Even the almighty West recognizes its helplessness in the face of the power of the Chinese special services and realizes that the Chinese are a people used to planning over decades. The Chinese themselves have long recognized their backlog in technical equipment from the same American army and have relied on the development of information technology and the corresponding technical equipment of their special services. Every now and then you can hear another Chinese hacker hack another security system for another American server. The question - whether it is the work of local specialists or Chinese special services - remains open. The leadership of China said that the purpose of their MGB "shall ensure the security of the state by organizing effective measures against the invasion of enemy agents, spies and counter-revolutionaries whose activities are aimed at undermining the development of the socialist system of China". How familiar is it to the citizens of the former USSR, right?

7. MI6 (UK)

Even a person very far from Hollywood and the film industry knows very well that there is no intelligence agency more powerful than the UK MI6, given that the invincible James Bond is in the service of this organization. After all, in MI6 you will find the most modern types of weapons, the fastest cars, the most sophisticated espionage devices, and finally the most beautiful women as well as the most difficult tasks! Kidding jokes and after 1994 the highest leadership of Misty Albion denied the existence of the MI6 Secret Intelligence Service, which deals with foreign intelligence services. What's not the best example of secrecy? The activities of MI6 agents have always been shrouded in a veil of secrecy. In fact, for any employee of this intelligence agency, any secret business trip in the event of a failure was considered a one-way ticket - none of the leading British officials would recognize not only the fact that the failed agent was part of their intelligence agency, but even the existence of such a service ! It is not surprising that all of the stories surrounding MI6 are continuous speculation surrounded by an air of mystery and suspense.

8. CIA (USA)

The Central Intelligence Agency of America doesn't need an introduction. There are so many scandals surrounding this organization that it would be enough for a dozen other specialty services. At one time in our country around the CIA, a halo was being created not only of the enemy, but also of an evil and treacherous machine whose tireless activity was aimed at undermining the very foundations of the Soviet state. During the so-called Cold War, the name of this secret service almost frightened the children. At the moment, the CIA's problems have grown significantly since then one of the main objectives of this department is the fight against international terrorism. Of course, we can say that the special services have exaggerated in this struggle and destroyed the "enemy" on their own territory, if it does not harm America's national interests. Probably an exemplary intelligence organization should work like this, who knows ...On his 50th birthday, President Clinton said: "... Americans will never know the full story of their courage (CIA agents) ...". Well, it seems that few people have been able to find out not only the full story of the courage of the CIA agents, but also what that organization is actually doing.


So who does not necessarily have to be introduced is the State Security Committee of the USSR. And although this organization was officially abolished as early as 1991, the echo of the KGB's activities releases half the world's fear (and that fear is largely based only on stories related to anti-Soviet propaganda carried out by the CIA). It should be noted that the committee members organized a system of denunciation that did not work any worse than in China. it is supposed that information about many secrets that cause the greatest excitement (Hitler's death, UFOs etc. etc. etc.) is stored in the KGB archive. In fact, there are many more of these secrets, and the organization's activities in other countries during the existence of the Soviet state are even more secretive than information about what actually happened to Hitler's remains. The KGB has already disappeared, but many have remembered this organization as a tool to combat the Russian intelligentsia. However, do not underestimate the merits of this special service in the field of the fight against the threat to the statehood of the USSR.

10. Mossad (Israel)

What do you think, which secret service is considered to be the most effective, and its employees - the best trained professionals? No, it's not the CIA at all. According to the unanimous opinion of most experts, the Secret Service and Special Office of Israel (Mossad) is considered to be the most professional. In principle, the work of this organization is not unusual - it, like many of its colleagues in other countries, collects and analyzes information, carries out various operations outside of Israel, and in principle does everything for the security and the preservation of the integrity of his country. What is the effectiveness of this secret service? In fact, it is the employees of the Mossad who can be considered the true knights of the cloak and the dagger, because thanks to their efforts in Israel, which borders on areas of tension such as Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip and Egypt, it is possible to establish order and one maintain a peaceful way of life. And this despite the fact that representatives of all ethnic groups, religious teachings and beliefs in this country are simply mixed up! It's really worth learning from!

No, not aliens, but very real people - intelligence officers.

Below is a list of ten of the best intelligence agencies in the world.


German Federal Intelligence Service - Germany's foreign secret service, which was founded in 1955 on the basis of the so-called "General Gehlen Organization". According to the number of employees, it is the largest federal agency in Germany. BND employs around 7,000 people, 2000 of whom collect information abroad. The main tasks of the department are the collection and analysis of information. Information as well as the identification and rejection of threats to the sovereignty and interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. The BND devotes a considerable part of its resources to fighting terrorism.


General Directorate for External Security, DGSE (France)

The Directorate-General for External Security is the main foreign secret service in France, founded on April 2, 1982. Their job is to guarantee secret services and national security, especially through paramilitary and counter-espionage operations abroad. The main office is in the 20th district of Paris. The workforce for 2011 is 4747 people. As with most other information, details of your activities and organization are not made public.


Eighth place in the list of the best special services in the world is the PRC Ministry of State Security - a special service whose main functions are counterintelligence, external and internal intelligence, and political security of the People's Republic of China. It was created on June 6, 1983. The head office is in Beijing.


Australian Secret Service, ASIS

The Australian Secret Service, headquartered in Canberra, is responsible for information gathering, counter-espionage and liaison with secret services in other countries. It was created on May 13, 1952. However, it was not until 1977 that the Australian government officially confirmed its existence. Interestingly, the training of the first ASIS staff was carried out by staff from the UK MI-6.


Research and Analysis Department, RAW (India)

One of the best intelligence agencies in the world is the Department of Research and Analysis - the Foreign Intelligence Service of India. It was created in September 1968. Its main functions are foreign intelligence, counterterrorism, covert operations, obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and ensuring the security of India's nuclear program.


Office for Intelligence and Special Tasks, Mossad (Israel)

The Mossad is Israel's national intelligence agency, an analogue of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is considered to be one of the most effective and professional intelligence services in the world. Its main tasks are to collect and analyze information. Information and secret covert operations outside the country. The organization was founded in March 1951. The main office is in Tel Aviv on King Shaul Boulevard. An estimated 1,200 people are currently employed in the Mossad. The most famous successful operations of this department are: the search and kidnapping of a Nazi in the ranking of the cruelest rulers in the history of Adolf Eichmann, the kidnapping of the nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, the elimination of the causes of the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games and many others.


Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, FSB

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is the national security service of Russia, the successor to the KGB. Its main functions are counter-espionage, secret services and border activities, combating terrorism, corruption and particularly dangerous forms of crime, and ensuring information security. It was founded on April 3, 1995. The headquarters are located in the main building of the former KGB in Lubyanka, Moscow.


British Secret Service MI-6

The British Secret Service is a British foreign secret service headquartered in London. It was founded in 1909. However, its existence was not officially recognized until 1994. The main tasks of MI-6 are the fight against espionage (counterintelligence) as well as the collection, processing and analysis of political, economic, technical and scientific information that threatens the interests of Great Britain.


Central Intelligence Agency, CIA (USA)

The Central Intelligence Agency is an American intelligence agency whose main functions are covert operations and the gathering and analysis of information about foreign governments, organizations, companies and individuals. The special service was created in 1947. Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, 8 miles from Washington.


The best secret service in the world is the Pakistani Secret Service, founded in 1948. Known as the most influential, powerful, and best-equipped intelligence agency in the Islamic world. The head office consists of several buildings and is located in Islamabad. According to some experts, ISI is the largest intelligence agency in the world based on the number of employees. Although their total number has never been disclosed, it is estimated at around 10,000.

Previously reported to US intelligence

And precisely because collecting classified information is a very important activity, secret services play a very important role in many countries around the world. The failure of secret missions can lead to dire consequences (the 9/11 attack is an example of this), while successful operations help the country avoid many tragedies.

We present to your attention the ten, in our opinion, secret world agencies of our time. Please note that the agencies currently in existence are listed here (we apologize to KGB fans).

Number 10 - CEAC (Canada)

The Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSRC) was founded in 1984 on the basis of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Like the CIA and MI6, the CSRC service was established as a civilian agency that is not affiliated with the military or the police. Canadian secret agents worked both domestically and internationally.

They tried to track and prevent Canada's security threats. CSRC came under fire after the 1985 tragedy when an Air India Flight 182 plane with 280 Canadian citizens on board was shot down. CEAC officials said black box data was lost due to several strategic errors. So far, no one has been held accountable for this incident.

Something to be proud of: From 1988 to 1994, CACS agent Grant Bristow was inducted into the Canadian white supremacy movement and became the security director of Heritage Front, Canada's most famous white supremacy organization. Bristow's activities resulted in multiple arrests and prevented multiple "retaliatory acts". Its cover was unveiled in 1994 by a Toronto journalist.

Number 9 - ASRA (Australia)

The Australian Secret Intelligence Agency (ASRA) was founded in 1952. His duties included collecting classified information, counter-espionage and, in particular, fighting other secret services in the world.

More recently, the Australian government has launched a contested lawsuit allowing ACRA to partner with other organizations (such as the CIA) on various paramilitary operations. However, ACRA agents should not be personally involved.

The ACRA agency's activities have received multiple criticisms, including an incident in 1994 when he was accused of keeping the private affairs of thousands of Australian citizens secret.

What to be "proud" of: In 1983, the usual inconspicuous agency attracted unwanted public attention during a training session at the Sheraton Hotel (Melbourne).What began as a test of the organization's readiness to rescue a foreign intelligence agent became "total liberation".
The agents involved in the training put pressure on staff and hotel guests and used physical violence against the hotel manager in order to accomplish "their mission".

Number 8 - PIA (India)

Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency - A Department of Studies and Analysis (PIA) was established in 1968 because of a great lack of information required during the wars with Pakistan and China.

In contrast to most western agencies, PIA was established as one of the units of the Indian federal cabinet and has no responsibility to the Indian parliament. Most of the PIA's attention recently has focused on Pakistan's neighbor India.

During the Kargil War in Kashmir in 1999, the PIA established a link between Pakistani intelligence services and terrorist groups and also invaded almost all militarized units in the Kashmir Valley.

Something to be proud of: PIA played a significant role in establishing Bangladesh in 1971. The agency helped create a wave of irritation among the ruling regime in Bangladesh (then the country was part of Pakistan and was called East Pakistan), which led to the formation of a guerrilla army in Bangladesh.
Undercover PIAs invaded East Pakistan and conducted a series of covert operations that contributed to the defeat of the Pakistani army.

Number 7 - MOSSAD (Israel)

Israel's Extreme Active Intelligence Agency (MOSSAD) gathers intelligence, combats terrorism and various covert operations.

The director of the agency answers directly to the head of state - the prime minister. MOSSAD is a public service, its employees have no military ranks, although most of them have served in the Israel Defense Forces (this is mandatory).
The best-known unit of the Mossad is the Special Operations Division or Metsada. Metsada is responsible for multiple murders, military operations, sabotage and psychological warfare.

What to be proud of: In 1960, MOSSAD agents learned that Adolf Eichmann, a well-known Nazi criminal, was living in Argentina under the name Ricardo Klement. He was stolen from the country by a group of Mossad agents and transported to Israel, where he was convicted and executed.

Number 6 - FSK (Germany)

The predecessor agency of the Federal Service for Secret Services and Counterintelligence (FSRK) in Germany was founded before the Second World War and was supposed to persecute the Soviet Union.
The agency is currently a kind of "early warning system" for the federal government about the occurrence of potential threats to the security of the country (wiretapping and electronic monitoring of the international communications service).

The annual budget of the FSK is very large and exceeds 430 million euros. The FSKR has been implicated in several internal scandals related to wiretapping and surveillance of journalists, and they also used reporters as spies.

Something to be proud of: During the Iraq war in 2003, the German government refused to allow US President George W. Bush to provide military units to participate in the coalition. At the same time, two FSRC agents stood out for submitting copies of Baghdad's defense plans developed by Saddam Hussein a month before the invasion.

Number 5 - MCP (Pakistan)

The poor interaction between the Army, Navy and Air Force during the Indo-Pakistani War in 1947, a year later, led to the formation of Inter-Agency Intelligence (ITS). Since then, the agency's influence has grown steadily thanks to the influence of Pakistani leaders.

Since September 11th, the MCP has been working actively with the CIA to prevent acts of terrorism by al-Qaeda and the Taliban as well as by local Pakistani terrorists. MCP is a deceptively active and powerful agency known for its way of waging "invisible" wars.

Something to be proud of: In 1980, during a national parade, the MCP prevented an attempted conspiracy against the Pakistani President, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.

The conspirators, including high-ranking military leaders, planned a bloody coup in the country and replaced the existing government with an extremist Islamic government. MCP arrested the alleged conspirators and their supporters before the planned coup began.

Number 4 - GDVB (France)

The General Directorate for External Security (GDVB) was founded relatively recently in 1982 to replace the external counterintelligence service SDECE. The management is responsible for collecting classified information and taking preventive measures to detect and find the activities of agents of other countries in the world against the interests of France.

Although the agency is low-key, this did not prevent them from carrying out a bomb attack on the GREENPIS fleet, which was protesting against France, which was carrying out nuclear tests. New Zealand law enforcement exposed the conspiracy. Two GDVB agents were arrested who were found guilty of the death of a journalist who drowned in the incident.

What to be proud of: The GDVB agency quickly showed what it costs. In the 80s, a group of Soviet spies was exposed who were gathering information about the technical developments of Western countries for the USSR. This is still the largest group of secret industrial espionage agents ever discovered in Europe or the United States.

Number 3 - GRU (Russia)

When we think of Russian intelligence, the KGB is usually called back. However, the KGB was dissolved by Boris Yeltsin in 1995, while the even older General Intelligence Directorate (GRU) continued to operate despite the fall of the USSR. The GRU was founded by Vladimir Lenin in 1918 and dealt with all questions of military intelligence.

Since then, the GRU has participated in many major anti-national revolts in Eastern Europe. If you believe the words of the former agent, the GRU has set up a number of secret weapons depots in the United States that are accessible to Russian special agents.

One can be proud of that: The activities of GRU are not very noticeable. However, it is believed that she was involved in the assassination of former Chechen President Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, who lived in Qatar until 2004 and was accused of collaborating with al-Qaeda. The attempt was made in the capital of Qatar - Doha - from a direct hit by a bomb in the car in which the President was.

Number 2 - MI6 (United Kingdom)

The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) was founded shortly before the First World War to oversee the activities of the imperial government of Germany. Since then, MI6 has been implicated in all major conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Even before the terrorist attack of September 11th, MI6 was actively working with its American counterparts and reporting to secret intelligence agencies. It was actively involved in covert operations. MI6, with the support of the CIA, took part in the overthrow of several ruling regimes in the world, the most famous of which were the revolutions in Congo in 1961 and in Iran in 1953.

Something to be proud of: if you ignore the stories about Agent 007, MI6's most successful operation in recent years has been the release of hostages in Lebanon in the 1980s. Thanks in particular to the MI6 agents, a serious internal conflict arose within the Lebanese factions that made it impossible to hold hostages.

Number 1 - CIA (USA)

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was founded in 1947. The agency's activities include the following three main functions:
1) receiving and analyzing information about foreigners,
2) advocacy and public relations,
3) Covert operations related to the security of the President.

During the Cold War, the CIA was given more freedom of action because the American government believed that this freedom was necessary for the successful confrontation of the KGB.
As a result, the CIA has been involved in many successful operations and failed attempts to eliminate unnecessary heads of state. The best known among them were operations in Chile and the Congo (successful) and in Cuba (unsuccessful).

What to be proud of: The Pig Bay invasion is perhaps the most significant, but the BLUEBIRD project (films about Agent James Bourne with Matt Damon) is more shocking. From 1951 to 1953, the CIA conducted experiments on the control of the human mind that examined the process of creating a new human person (or several) and replacing memory. To this end, electrodes were placed in the human brain that made it possible to control its behavior using remote transmitters, and electroshock treatment was used to erase memory.

Pssst ... quietly. It's a secret

As you already understood, intelligence is not just an exact science. Your clothes with successful operations, failures happen too. Information gathering and covert operations are extremely risky, for which, in addition to sober calculations (often everything is based on guesswork), you need a lot of luck.

And failures, like unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Fidel Castro in the 1960s, only confirm the fact that operations don't always go as smoothly as they do in James Bond films.

Given the pace of the Russian revival, this list will be changed soon;).

Secret services are considered the most important pillar of security in every country. But everything they do, they do "behind the scenes" so that the results of their work are usually not visible to the uninitiated.

Here 10 best intelligence agencies in the world in 2015According to the foreign online publication ExpertSecurityTips, which is dedicated to security, personal protection and self-defense.

This organization is engaged in the gathering and investigation of information, is involved in the fight against terrorism and eliminates the enemies of Israel around the world. The director of the agency reports directly to the Israeli prime minister on his activities.

9. Ministry of State Security (MSS), China

Responsible for counter-espionage, foreign secret services and political security. Staff from this ministry also extract foreign advanced technology and control dissidents and students outside of the PRC.

8. Australian Secret Service (ASIS)

The main task of the agency is to collect information and forward it to various special services in the country. The Australian Secret Service is known among other secret services around the world for its excellent technological advances.

7. General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), France

In 1982 he replaced the external documentation and counterintelligence service. The department employs up to 5,000 people. The success of the French secret service is unknown to the public, but the secret service claims to have prevented 15 terrorist attacks in France.

6. Research and Analysis Division (RAW), India

The agency's main focus is on the country's neighbor and main adversary, Kama Sutra and Bollywood - Pakistan. It is responsible for misinformation, sabotage and espionage against Pakistan and other countries. Even the Indian parliament is not aware of the budget, structure, composition and staff of the secret service.

5. Federal Intelligence Service (BND), Germany

Since 1956 he has been conducting regular espionage operations. The focus is on the collection and analysis of classified information, the detection of potential threats and the information of the federal government about terrorist criminal activities.

4. Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia

The evaluation of the best intelligence services in the world would be incomplete without a successor to the State Security Committee of the USSR. The FSB was founded in 1995 and deals not only with intelligence services and counter-espionage, but also with the fight against terrorism, the fight against drug smuggling, ensuring information security and improving the country's defense security.

3. Secret Service (MI-6), Great Britain

The existence of a James Bond job was not officially recognized by the British government until 1994. The agency is working with Mossad and the CIA to rule out possible threats to England. This intelligence is known for its deadly and cold-blooded agents, who for a long time did not stand out from the respected residents before the operation was carried out.

2. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USA

Officially, the CIA, founded in 1947, is a civil organization. His duties include: obtaining and analyzing information about foreigners, monitoring and coordinating the gathering of information outside of the US through a network of agents, maintaining national security, and various functions related to intelligence activities.

1. Pakistan Inter-Agency Intelligence (ISI)

The main intelligence and counterintelligence body in Pakistan was established in 1948 immediately after the partition of India and Pakistan. It has contacts with other special services in various countries, including the American CIA and the British MI-6. He is at the top of the top ten intelligence agencies in the world for his high work efficiency, especially in operations in Afghanistan, Kashmir and during the Kargil War. She in no way hates achieving her goals. The world's strongest intelligence agency has long been accused of using terrorist groups and militants for indirect wars against neighbors.

Agents of such intelligence and counterintelligence are scared all over the world, their names are kept secret, their faces are hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. Despite the fact that the information about her is marked "secret", something is still slipping into the press. We offer you a dozen secret services that have been the most active for many years.


The first on the list is ISI - Pakistani Intelligence, to exchange military information between commanders of the Pakistani armed forces. It was founded in 1948 and currently has around ten thousand of its agents around the world.


CIA - American secret service known around the world. It conducted more than six international operations, the most famous of which is Operation Cyclops, which takes place in Afghanistan during the war. The forces of these intelligence agencies were devoted not only to the gathering of intelligence agents abroad, covert operations, and the fight against terrorism, but also to the advice of politicians.

3 MI6

MI6 is a British idea that is often compared to the American CIA. Intelligence can have a high level of efficiency in the performance of tasks and a well-thought-out structure of how domestic politics work. The most surprising fact is that this structure wins its agents over the Internet.


FSB - Russian Secret Service. It was founded in 1995 and from that moment the staff has increased to 350,000 people. Border protection, secret services, counter-terrorism and counter-espionage are the responsibility of the FSB.


DGSE is a French secret service founded in 1982. Its main functions are national security and information gathering. The special service is part of the defense structure of the French Ministry of Defense. The last successful operation of these intelligence services was carried out in May 2011 when their agents were deployed in support of the Libyan rebels.


BND is a German secret service that was founded on April 1, 1956. The employees employ more than 6,000 people. Your agents carried out many successful operations, particularly banking in Liechtenstein.


MOSSAD - Israeli famous counterintelligence founded in 1949. Its leader reports directly to the country's president. The last, most scandalous operation in recent times was the murder of Mahmoud al-Mambhuh.


RAW is an Indian secret service whose establishment was recorded on September 21, 1968. Main tasks: covert operations, intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism. In late 2009, RAW workers in Nepal carried out several successful operations and most of the suspects were brought to justice.


ASIS is an Australian intelligence agency founded in 1952. He is responsible for gathering information and protecting Australia's economic interests. The special service took part in Papua New Guinea, where it helped suppress the independence movement in several cities.


CSIS is a Canadian secret service that was founded on the model of MI6 and the CIA. It was created in 1984. CSIS works closely with US intelligence agencies and assists in many operations.