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Finn Wolfhard is known as Mike Wheeler from the hit series "Stranger Things". Now he's making music too. Anyone who immediately thinks of the cheap product of a marketing agency is wrong. Because Calpurnia can do a lot more.

From: Henri Jakobs

Status: 17.12.2018 | archive

Sure, the thought is obvious: Now comes the old story of the child star who was thrown out. A teenager gains world fame through an incredibly successful television series, then a clever manager finds out that the child star also likes music and thinks: Universe, make it rain for money.

The universe answers: Well, logo, here are plastic pop, an amusing choreography and two years. After that, I'll have to take care of Taylor Swift again.

Life is so predictable. Or not? And this is where calpurnia come in.

Calpurnia is the band around Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, consisting of Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson and Malcolm Craig. And theoretically, the above story could have played out just as well, had it not been for the pronounced and somewhat unusual passion of the 15-year-old Wolfhard and his colleagues for the rock music of the 70s, literature and film. None of this is a cash-milking pastime.

It starts with the name of the band. Calpurnia is a character from the novel "Who Disturbs the Nightingale" by Harper Lee. And of course, the name wasn't just taken because it sounds good or you can still pronounce it reasonably after three beers - it's a statement.

"Calpurnia is the Finch family maid from the book. But actually she's so much more than that. She's like a mother to the kids. Through her you can see how African-American people were treated at the time. She is a very strong figure and we wanted to pay tribute to her. "

Ayla Tesler-Mabe in an interview with PULS

Malcolm and singer Finn met while filming another band. They quickly decided to make music together. Unfortunately, at first they didn't know how to start.

"We then did a kind of musical bootcamp where you learn how to write and produce songs. That's where we met Ayla. We met Malcolm through Ayla because they went to school together."

Finn Wolfhard in the PULS interview

They quickly found out that they share a passion for their parents' music. Say: the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Weezer and Nirvana. So pretty traditional rock music.

"Jake: I would most likely take Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' with me to a desert island because it's so varied.

Finn: But it would make you so sad.

Jake: No, it makes you happy, it calms you and there is so much to discover that it never gets boring. And there is no album that has a better ending.

Ayla: It also goes perfectly with 'Department Store Cop 2'. "

Calpurnia PULS interview

And of course, it's actually crazy to ride it, but which 15-year-old takes "Dark Side Of The Moon" with him to a lonely island? And then discussed with his friends whether the album could be better placed over the film "Kaufhaus Cop 2" or "The Wizard of Oz".

Their first EP "Scout" was recently released. The six songs can easily be heard in a fuzzy way without offending anything. Will the rock music wheel be reinvented? Nope. But it doesn't have to be at all. The songs are about first love, growing up and whatever else comes across as a teenager when you're not shooting "Stranger Things".

When asked what kind of taste their music would be, the band agreed.

"Ayla: I would say like ...

Finn: Like a cinnamon roll.

Ayla: Right. Also bittersweet because it also has a retro vibe and triggers nostalgia.

Finn: But also a bit stale ...

Ayla: I would say that it is also fresh because there is also something modern in it.

Finn: We say: like a cinnamon roll because it's sweet and salty.

Ayla: A cinnamon roll with a secret ingredient.

Finn: Of course drugs. "

Calpurnia in the PULS interview

So the music of Calpurnia is retro, both sweet and salty and probably with some LSD added. You can leave it that way.

Of course, the band knows that the fact that they are allowed to tour the world with their first EP has primarily to do with the fame of their front man. However, it cannot be denied that four young people have found each other here who are passionate about making music together and not chasing trends. Are the four of them bringing rock music back again? No idea. But they have what it takes.

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