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MSc Digital Communication and Marketing

The studies

Unique combination of IT and digital marketing

Classical marketing training traditionally focuses on business know-how, IT studies on technical skills. In times of increasing digitalization this leads to an imbalance in the labor market: companies have problems finding well-trained workers in the "interdisciplinary" field of digital marketing (see labor market analysis). This is where the MSc course in Digital Communication and Marketing comes in: Graduates of non-IT courses in business administration or communication as well as people with sound business experience can use the MSc to expand their career options in the digital field. Business skills are a prerequisite for the course; IT knowledge is imparted from the ground up during the training and linked to content from communication, marketing and sales.

Optimal compatibility with work

The MSc course in Digital Communication and Marketing at FHWien der WKW combine optimally with professional activity. In particular, the high proportion of distance learning with marketing-relevant IT content in the first year of study enables learning to be organized flexibly in terms of time and location. Our teachers work here with tried and tested, highly structured IT learning material for at home, which is made available by our cooperation partner. In the second year of study, the practical modules from digital marketing are heavily blocked as face-to-face classes at the FHWien der WKW. The application-related master's thesis in the 2nd year of study enables professional issues to be merged with scientific surveys. The course concludes after 4 semesters with an oral master's examination and the acquisition of the academic title “Master of Science”.


As the only MSc program in Austria, the Course content of the MSc Digital Communication and Marketing according to the needs of the economy IT AND marketing qualified digital communication experts.

  • In the 1st year of study you acquire IT basicsthat are necessary for work areas at the interface of communication, marketing and sales on the one hand and IT on the other. The course content does not require any prior IT knowledge.
  • Building on this, you will deepen your knowledge in the 2nd year of study in digital marketing communicationwhich is a mixture of business administration, communication science and IT teaching content.


Organizational form

1 year - Distance learning with (voluntary) face-to-face revision courses

2 years - Part-time study in block form (1-2 weekend blocks per month, Friday and Saturday)

Languages ​​of instruction


Start of studies

every autumn (September)

Place of study

FHWien der WKW, 1180 Vienna



€ 3,475 per semester


The MSc Digital Communication and Marketing has a modular structure and concludes with a master's thesis and a master's examination. All mandatory attendance appointments (the exam dates in the 1st year of study, the blocked courses in the 2nd year of study) take place in Vienna and are optimized in terms of time for part-time studies.

The MSc Digital Communication and Marketing is a course for further education according to § 9 FHG with the degree "Master of Science (MSc)".

Focus & qualifications

Your path to becoming a sought-after digital marketing expert

The Teaching concept of the MSc Digital Communication and Marketing is characterized by the high reference to practice-relevant content, innovative teaching and learning methods, as well as the adaptation to the needs of working students. The first year of study takes place to a large extent on Distance learning base instead of. After a face-to-face team building session to get to know and network the students at the beginning of their studies, a full teaching module is carried out every month from September to June. The lecturers and students cooperate for this purpose E-learning material, supplemented by literature coordinated with it. On average, the WKW comes to FHWien once a week for the students voluntary presence revision course to clarify open questions and prepare for the exam. The monthly final module exam is handled as a face-to-face exam at FHWien der WKW.

in the 2nd year of study is the work in small groups as well as the master's thesis in the foreground. On one to two weekend blocks per month, the courses take place as face-to-face sessions at the FHWien der WKW. Interdisciplinary teams of lecturers with practical experience ensure that the various business, communication and technical aspects of digital marketing are covered and networked with one another.


The content and sequence of the courses or modules of the MSc Digital Communication and Marketing are chosen in such a way that an integrative overall understanding of marketing communication via the various digital channels (Internet, social, mobile) by dealing with information and communication technology functions as well as business management and communication science requirements are systematically developed and deepened.

Focus of studies

The course is based on two thematic priorities, to which the 16 subject-specific modules are assigned as follows.

Marketing-relevant areas of business informatics (no prior IT knowledge required)

  • Basics of computer science
  • Basics of business informatics
  • Mathematical and logical basics of computer science
  • Business process management
  • SQL and relational databases
  • Web programming
  • Data warehouse and data mining
  • Electronic business
  • Web design & web ergonomics
  • Web applications

Digital marketing communication

Content marketing

  • Content strategy, content production
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Digital product and price management

  • Open innovation, mass customization, digital assortment policy
  • Data-driven pricing, online auctions, price metrics

Search engine marketing

  • Online consumer behavior
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA)

Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile user behavior, mobile advertising
  • App marketing, app monetization

Social media marketing

  • Functionality of SM, community building, content management
  • Crowdsourcing, crisis management, success monitoring

Marketing and Sales Automation

  • Recurring processes in marketing and sales
  • Use of automation tools

By acquiring technical, methodological, scientific and implementation-oriented qualifications and competencies, students are focused on their professional future as Marketing communicators in the digital world prepared.

The curricula are regularly optimized and adapted to current developments in the world of work and the latest international trends. The motto is from “knowing more” to “being able to do more”, whereby the focus is on the application strength of what has been learned.

Job & career

The labor market demand for experts in the digital field is forecast to continue to rise sharply. Companies are intensively looking for employees who have a combination of Combine competencies from the IT and marketing sectors (see labor market analysis). This creates new fields of activity and professions. Careers in the areas of communication, marketing and sales are increasingly determined by digital qualifications.

Areas of responsibility

The MSc Digital Communication and Marketing provides people who have professional experience in communication, marketing or sales with scientifically sound professional training in these areas digital communication and marketing and develops yours Competencies for the following areas of responsibility:

  1. Conception automated marketing and sales processes,
  2. Management of marketing appearances in social media,
  3. Development of mobile advertising strategies and marketing of Apps,
  4. Planning and implementation of Search engine advertising and Search engine optimization,
  5. Design of the Product and pricing policy for the online area,
  6. Definition of Content strategy and work with Content management systems
  7. Conception and creation of Websites,
  8. Use of Data warehouse systems and Data mining process.


Target group & entry requirements

The master's degree in digital communication and marketing is aimed at people with professional experience with in-depth business management skills, ideally in marketing, communication or sales. Previous IT knowledge beyond user knowledge is not required.

Admission requirements are

  • Completed first degree (at least Bachelor) from a recognized Austrian or comparable foreign university and at least 1 year of professional experience


  • At least six years of relevant professional experience, including at least one year in a management position.

Application process

  1. Sending of the documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, certificates) either electronically
    [email protected] or by post

    FHWien der WKW
    Center for Academic Continuing Education
    Währinger Belt 97
    1180 Vienna

  2. Personal interview

  3. Allocation of study places no later than 2 weeks after the interview date

    Due to the limited number of study places, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible!

Study advice & information

Our program manager FH-Prof. Will answer your questions about our MSc Digital Communication and Marketing. Mag. Mag. Dr. Gerald Janous will be happy to provide personal advice or via email ([email protected]).

  • Tax refund: You can fully deduct the tuition fees from tax, provided that the training takes place in the existing or related professional field. The tax benefit depends on your total income. This can be up to 43.6%, which you get refunded!
    Information on this at: Federal Ministry of Finance
    Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b, 1030 Vienna
    Tel .: 01/514 33-0
    Email contact form at: www.bmf.gv.at/service/allg/feedback/_start.asp
  • BFB education allowance for companies:

Funding in Austria

All information is provided without warranty. Please also note that we cannot guarantee that funding will be granted!

Business cooperation

For answering your questions too Business cooperation As part of our MSc Digital Communication and Marketing, our program manager FH-Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Gerald Janous will be happy to help you personally or via email ([email protected]).

Cooperation within the framework of courses

We work with a large number in teaching academically qualified lecturers and with Corporate partners from the study-related industries. If you think that you or your company could make a valuable contribution to our teaching, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cooperations for employee search and employee qualification

Highly qualified employees in the field of digital marketing are difficult to find. As a training center for digital marketing, we can support you in the search for employees in different ways:

  • You or your company send your employees to us as part-time students. We would be happy to advise you in this connection with regard to university entrance qualifications, payment conditions, time expenditure and other issues.
  • You advertise a scholarship for the MSc "Digital Communication and Marketing" and include, for example, the scholarship for the MSc in a trainee position in your company. We would be happy to publish such a job advertisement for trainee positions including scholarships to the large number of our business bachelor graduates and prospective graduates.
  • You send us your job advertisements for graduates in the field of "Digital Marketing". However, due to the first start of studies in 2018, this will only be possible from 2020.

Our students research, supported by the lecturers, in the course of their master’s thesis practical questions from the subject areas of the course. They are responsible for this, for example mobile test laboratory of the study areas Communication Management and Marketing & Sales Management. If you Research questions from your company, we will be happy to check whether these questions arise in the context of a master thesis to get a check up.

Labor market analysis

In the last few years the topic "digitalization”And its impact on the labor market has become the subject of numerous studies, publications, and political and media discussions. In this labor market analysis, an exemplary selection of the extensive data available with a focus on topicality and relevance for the Professional field of marketing and communication shown. The focus is on Qualification requirements to current and future employees.

The labor market analysis is based on two studies from the Communication Management and Marketing & Sales Management study areas of the FHWien der WKW, six studies from various public and private organizations and authors, two politically motivated publications and six media reports on the topic. At the beginning, the media and political discussion is briefly discussed. Then the most important study results on digital qualification requirements in the areas of marketing and communication are summarized.

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