Can I reuse charcoal for my grill?

5 grilling tips for an instantly better grilling result

You've rummaged through the pages here, then the barbecue can really start really slowly. Before you take action, however, please read the following general barbecue tips again. Because this makes grilling with your charcoal grill child's play! I look forward to more tips in the comments.

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1. Safe lighting of the coals

You should only leave the lighting of the charcoal to special lighters. I've tried liquid igniters myself several times - but always with sobering results. Better than gasoline, for example (please never use that, if only because of the taste, especially because of the safety) are definitely special briquettes, which are available in all large supermarkets. These have the advantage that they burn for a long time and, above all, burn constantly. Coals just need a longer term hot spring.

Finally, a note on my favorite gadget that helps a lot when lighting charcoal grills: the chimney starter. I recently bought the Weber chimney and I am completely thrilled, if you disregard the price ... for around 20 € you get a fireplace that allows safe, quick and environmentally friendly lighting. At Aldi you can get such a grill for 5 €! Everyone has to know for themselves which variant they want to use. Both will do their job equally well.

2. Use grill settings

Some meat needs a longer cooking time, while others only need to be grilled briefly. In any case, you should be able to offer the good piece the right temperature. This is the only way to get the first-class taste it deserves. Therefore, the following tip should not be missing in the barbecue tips section. The easiest way to achieve the perfect temperature is to put together heaps of different heights of briquettes, with which you can then use the respective temperatures in a veriabel way.

Some charcoal grills are also delivered directly with corresponding elevations, so that you don't have to build different "turrets" first. It is easiest to use a relatively large grill right from the start, because one thing is clear: the “briquette towers” ​​need to be built with sufficient spacing from one another. A separate article is dedicated to this grill tip, how to regulate the grill heat.

3. Good charcoal is essential

The use of high-quality charcoal or very good briquettes should actually be a matter of course, but unfortunately it is far from being. Therefore, this barbecue tip should certainly not be missing from such a list. What Makes Good Charcoal For Grills? Good coal ignites easily, glows long, and doesn't smoke too much. For them you should invest a lot of money in addition to the grill and grilled food. Good quality charcoal regularly pays off. When buying coal that may be more expensive, keep in mind that good briquettes can be reused without any problems. With the kettle grills, simply close the ventilation shafts after grilling. The lack of oxygen suffocates the coal that has not yet fully burned out without any problems and can be used again the next time.

4. Indirect grilling with charcoal grills

Indirect grilling is not that easy, as most grills are open at the top. Therefore, when buying a grill, make sure that a lid for indirect grilling is included. This is often the case with kettle grills! With indirect grilling you can cook the pieces of meat and fish evenly. Since I got my Weber charcoal grill, I really don't like working with anything other than the indirect grill method. The meat is really tender and uniquely delicious. Try it out once!

They were: the four barbecue tips that I think shouldn't be forgotten. I hope you enjoyed this article. As always, I am happy to receive reviews directly under this barbecue tips article.

5. More grill tips

The following brief tips were also sent in:

  • Always keep the lid on kettle grills closed
  • Control temperature by supplying air
  • Smother coal by closing the air ducts and reuse next time
  • Aluminum shells do not have to be bought from the original manufacturer (price / performance ratio)

Thank you for sending in the other grill tips. I'm particularly pleased! With this we can expand the site even further at every nook and cranny.