Why are golfers hitting further than ever before

What is a long hitter?

What does the term 'long hitter' mean for a golfer? We explain how this name comes about.

Golfers who can hit the ball very far are called long hitters. So the driver is of course the mega bat, because long hitters hit it about 300 meters. The first golfer to develop his own style of playing with the length of his strokes was British professional golfer Ted Ray 1877-1943.

Many golfers literally envy long hitters for their length, but the length can also be fatal on short and winding golf courses. We have summarized everything that makes a long hitter, club lengths and records here.

Long hitters and their average lengths

When asked whether you are a long hitter, you can use the following numbers as a guide. We have written you the lengths of an amateur golfer for comparison. Both iron A distinction is made between long irons (3 and 4), medium irons (5, 6, 7), short irons (8 and 9) and wedges (sand wedge and pitch-in wedge).

Short irons

  • 9: 140 m by 120 m
  • 8: 155 m by 130 m

Medium iron

  • 7: 170 m to 135 m
  • 6: 185 m by 145 m
  • 5: 200 m to 155 m

Long irons

  • 4-iron approx. 215 m, in contrast to amateur golfers with approx. 165 m
  • 3-iron approx. 230 m. 'Normal' golfers have an average length of approx. 175 m


  • 5: 250 m in contrast to normal lengths of approx. 175 m
  • 3: 270 m vs. 200 m
  • 1: (Driver): 300 m

There are even tournaments of their own, where players only play on a very long hole or on the driving range for the furthest tee. Actually, such golfers are often at a disadvantage in normal golf tournaments, because they hit far, but not precisely. However, if you internalize your shot distance and hit it precisely - the chances of a successful round of golf are very high.


The record was set from the furthest stroke Michael Hoke Austin in 1974 at the US Senior Open. It hit a fabulous 471m (515 yards). 'The ball seemed to defy gravity,' he explained to reporters about the blow. Number 2 is the professional legend Tiger Woods with 455m (498yards). This record was achieved in 2002 at the Mercedes Championship tournament in Hawaii. Also at that tournament, but two years later, scored 2004 Davis Love III. with 435m (476yards) 3rd place of the longest strokes. Length is achieved with more top spin, i.e. you get more from below the ball.

How to get a long shot

There are many factors in hitting a golf ball, but the greatest leeway is in the club's speed. The faster the club head, the further the golf ball will fly. Provided you catch the ball with the club head at the right angle. For amateur golfers, an average Club head speed approx. 130 to 175 km / h. For comparison: professional golfers reach speeds of over 250 km / h! For example, some golf instructors can do this with a TrackMan measure up. Assuming you have this expensive device. If the driver has a small loft, you can automatically hit a ball further. With a low loft, the ball tends to fly flatter. This is where the technology simply has to sit!