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Sub 4 Sub: More subscriptions and followers on YouTube - does it work?

The funniest and best YouTube channel is no good if there are no followers. YouTubers are always looking for ways to gain new subscribers. The best way, of course, is to deliver fun and unique content. But there are a few other ways you can make your channel a little more successful. Many YouTubers use the “Sub 4 Sub” principle.

Find out here what the "Sub 4 Sub" on YouTube is all about and what you should pay attention to.

What is "Sub 4 Sub" on YouTube?

Again and again you read the term under YouTube videos in the description. Some YouTubers also mention "Sub 4 Sub" directly in the video, e.g. B. when saying goodbye to the end of the video. What does “Sub 4 Sub” mean?

  • “Sub 4 Sub” is touted in many places as a free method that can get more subscribers, likes and comments on your YouTube channel.
  • The idea behind this is that you give a channel advertised in this way a subscription and in return get a subscription back from the person responsible for the channel.
  • In most cases, it is sufficient to leave your channel ID on the relevant platforms and in return you have to subscribe to a named channel yourself.

The "S4S" principle sounds like a simple method to quickly attract new followers to your YouTube channel. But is this also effective?

With “Sub 4 Sub” to more “dead” followers

  • Those who follow the “Sub 4 Sub” route can of course quickly and easily win new subscriptions for their YouTube presence.
  • Mostly these are "dead" subscribers, that is, the number of followers is increased, but these followers do not interact with your site and do not watch any videos, let alone comment or add further value to your channel Offer.
  • In most cases the “Sub 4 Sub” channels are flooded with spam. Desperate YouTube just hit their IDs here to dust off subscriptions. The channels are rarely filtered according to content, so that some dingy YouTubers could also appear here.
  • If you post your ID and follow the channels mentioned there, it is not guaranteed that you will also receive a subscription from these YouTubers in return.

In the US, the "Sub 4 Sub" trend is taking on even creepier features. There the "Sex for Subs"-Trend. Female YouTubers in particular promise their community spicy pictures or videos if the channel reaches a certain number of subscribers. Here, too, followers are not collected through appealing content, but through (often empty) promises. At the end of January, LeFloid picks up the “Sex for Subs” trend and uses the hashtag #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain to appeal for “great content” to be in the foreground of the video platforms again.

Conclusion: In circles of renowned YouTubers, the “Sub 4 Sub” principle is frowned upon. Anyone who owns a good channel with high-quality content is not dependent on such methods, but gets followers solely through their appealing videos. In the case of followers who meet your channel naturally, it can be assumed that they will also deal with your video content and pursue the actual purpose of a YouTube channel, namely to watch your videos at all. With sub-4-sub-followers, you simply artificially increase the number of passive followers. It's not much different when you want to buy YouTube followers. If you want to become a YouTuber, you will find further tips with us, e.g. B. for more followers through a shoutout.

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