Why did Roose Bolton legitimize Ramsey

Game of Thrones Knowledge: Who Is in House Bolton?

In addition to the three large families Stark, Targaryen and Lannister, there are also many other groups in the "Game of Thrones" universe - such as the House of Bolton. We explain who belongs to the Grauenstein family.

In the following text we go into events from the series up to the finale of season 7. So you read on at your own risk!

1. Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Bolton is actually a born Snow, the common surname for bastards in the north of the Game of Thrones world. His father is Lord Roose Bolton, Herr von Grauenstein. He raped a miller's wife who later gave birth to Ramsay. Ramsay is a sadistic villain who brutally tortures Theon Greyjoy, among others.

He is legitimized by his father in season 4 and given the surname Bolton. Ramsay is the rightful successor to Roose Bolton. He made his first appearance in "Game of Thrones" in Season 3 Episode 2 "Dark Wings, Dark Words". In season 6, episode 9, "The Battle of the Bastards", Sansa Stark throws Ramsay Bolton to eat and kills his own dogs.

2. Roose Bolton

Roose Bolton is Lord von Grauenstein and an ally of House Stark at the beginning of Game of Thrones. The coat of arms of the House of Bolton is quite disturbing: it shows a man crucified upside down and skinned alive - a reference to the torture tactics used by the Boltons. At the Red Wedding, Roose Bolton betrayed the Stark family and formed an alliance with House Lannister and House Frey.

The Lord von Grauenstein made his first appearance in season 2 episode 4 "The Garden of Bones". In season 6 episode 2 "At Home" he is killed by his own son Ramsay Bolton, who then takes control of Winterfell.

  • Actor: Michael McElhatton

3. Walda Bolton

Walda Bolton was born Frey and is also known by the unflattering name "Fette Walda". In season 3, Roose marries Bolton Walda after reaching an agreement with her father, Walder Frey. She later gives birth to a son who could dispute Ramsay's succession in the Bolton House. Ramsay Bolton then kills Walda Frey and her son in Season 6 Episode 2 "At Home", after he had previously killed his father Roose.

  • Actress:Elizabeth Webster

4. Curl

Locke is a servant at the Bolton House who does the dirty work for Roose Bolton. In season 3, for example, Locke succeeds in capturing Brienne von Tarth and Jaime Lannister, whom he cuts off his hand. In season 4, Roose Bolton sends him to the Night's Watch as a spy to look for Bran and Rickon Stark. Locke made his first appearance in "Game of Thrones" in Season 3 Episode 2 "Dark Wings, Dark Words". In season 4 episode 5 "The first of his name" he is killed by Hodor.

  • Actor:Noah Taylor

5. Myranda

Myranda is a lover of Ramsay Bolton and is in no way inferior to her sweetheart when it comes to cruelty. Her father was the disciplinarian of the dogs at House Bolton. Myranda can be seen for the first time in season 3 episode 7 "The Bear and the Maiden Hehr" when she seduces and deceives the captured Theon Greyjoy. In season 5, episode 10, "Mother's Grace" she is pushed to her death by Theon while he is on the run with Sansa Stark in Winterfell over a railing.

  • Actress:Charlotte Hope

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