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Telangana is a state in southern India. Telangana is bordered by Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. Telangana is home to 35 million people, the majority belonging to the Sugali group. About 9 percent of the population are members of the tribal population. The locals speak Telugu, which is one of the Dravidian languages. Some residents who profess the Muslim faith speak Urdu. A large part of the population professes Hinduism, but Christians and Muslims also live in Telangana. The capital is Hyderabad. The special thing about this is that Telangana and the state of Andhra Pradesh will share the capital for the next ten years. This is due to the separation of the two states in 2014. Furthermore, Hyderabad is a well-known IT center and has a major impact on India. Many well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft, HP, Amazon and others have settled here. For this reason, Hyderabad is often called "Cyberabad". The most important rivers of India, Godavari and Krishna, flow gently through Telangana. Most of Telangana is covered by monsoon forest, with about 80 percent being cleared. It is hot and dry in Telangana. Since the monsoon rains fall during the summer (June to September), it is advisable to avoid this travel time. The hottest month is May with an average temperature of around 39 degrees. If you plan your vacation for December, you can count on pleasant average temperatures of around 28 degrees.

Tourist Attractions

Pay a visit to the capital, Hyderabad! There you can admire the so-called Charminar in addition to various palaces. The Charminar is a four-story building that is rectangular in shape and was built on the occasion of the sparing of a plague wave. There is a mosque on the top floor.

The Salarjung Museum is an interesting place to visit if you are interested in the lifestyle of the ancient nawabs. The museum has 36 rooms full of treasures and valuables from the old nawabs.

Do you need a break? Then the NTR Garden in Hyderabad is definitely worth a visit! The NTR Garden is a small park located in the center of Hyderabad. Stroll through the park and be fascinated by attractions such as a waterfall, the sculptures or the extraordinary architecture. There is also a visitor's train running through the park. Practical for you: From there you can easily reach many other sights of the city by foot or bus.

    to eat and drink

    Hyderabad's cuisine is very diverse. Do you fancy a rice dish? Then be sure to try one of the delicious and freshly prepared biryanis. Freshly baked legs of lamb, oven-fresh naan breads or kebabs are also recommended. If you are very sensitive to heat, you should always order the dishes a little milder, because Indian cuisine has a variety of fresh and hot spices. Traditionally, Indians drink water or a so-called "lassi", an Indian yoghurt drink, with their meals. The flavors “natural” and “mango” are particularly popular. A little tip: If you would like to try a spicier dish, order a lassi with your meal. The yogurt drink will soften the sharp taste a little.

    getting there

    Hyderabad is connected to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Tirupati. There are also very good flight connections from Europe to Hyderabad. With trains and buses you have good connections to all other parts of the country.

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