Can you overcook pasta

So easy? How to keep pasta water from boiling over

Not looking at the stove for a moment and you can hear it hissing and cracking on the stove. If pasta water overflows, it automatically leads to frustration while cooking. But that need not be. Grandma already knew that a wooden spoon works wonders. Simply place the wooden spoon over the boiling water and the water will stay in place.

With a little trick, noodles never overcook again. (Image: quinntheislander / Pixabay under CC0)

  • Bring the water to the boil and season with salt
  • Throw pasta in the pot
  • Place the wooden spoon on the pot
  • Cook and enjoy

Pro tip: Actually, the wooden spoon does not prevent it from boiling over. The lack of a lid means that the water vapor has more space and can escape without boiling over. The wooden spoon is a psychological trick to avoid accidentally putting the lid on the pot.


  1. Which professional came up with the “pro tip”? Such a quark ... The spoon prevents a closed surface and thus prevents the foam from being too strong, which would lead to overflow. The aim here is to interrupt the surface; it is also possible, for example, to prevent surface tension with butter, oil or washing-up liquid. However, I would not choose detergent 🙂