Elixir is a good mother tongue

Junior backend developer full-time (m / f / d)

Of course, as a junior backend developer, you don't have to be a system guru. We want you to develop not only code but also personal perspectives with us and expand your potential in a way that is a joy to learn. It is best if your talent supports us full-time. If you can manage your work better on a part-time basis, we will find an individual solution together. Our development team is therefore also happy to welcome students.

So that you feel safe when you join us and our modern technologies are a help for you, you should bring a few of the following characteristics with you:

  • You build on basic knowledge of at least one modern JavaScript framework, such as Ember, Angular, React or Vue.
  • You have an affinity for type-based programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike TypeScript.
  • PHP and Java are practically your mother tongue.
  • You have a basic understanding of the development of scalable REST APIs.
  • You are enthusiastic about technical challenges and want to advance your team with new technologies and approaches.
  • Good English skills will help you feel comfortable when dealing with customers.
  • You've already moved around in a Unix-based shell.
  • You have already been able to implement web frameworks, for example Ruby on Rails, Elixir or Phoenix.
  • Your approach takes into account test-driven development, monitoring and version management via Git.
  • You have basic knowledge in the analysis and design of databases with PostgreSQL or MySQL.