What is the definition of banking

Online banking

1. Term: Settling of banking transactions from home using a computer. In addition, the option of ordering by fax can be granted in the event of technical problems. Payment service providers offer inexpensive to free account management on the Internet (or via online services). It is necessary to open an account. If necessary, the legitimation check can also be carried out by Deutsche Post AG or by means of video identification.

2. Services offered: a) Execution of standing orders and transfers (also abroad);
b) ordering of check forms;
c) Issuing of a check card for cash supply or point-of-sale payment etc .;
d) Ordering travelers checks;
e) Issuing orders for cash and capital investments or loans;
f) Collection and redemption of direct debits.

3. Information provided: Account statement, asset status, prices for services, conditions of the investment or credit sector, investment recommendations, etc.

4. Requirements: PC including suitable transmission instruments (modem, ISDN card, DSL modem [ISDN, DSL]), online access to the bank. The bank provides personal identification means (e.g. PIN) or identification media for making contact; the dialogue with the bank can also be secured using the home banking computer interface (HBCI).

See also electronic banking.