Do the Chinese have protest marches

For protesting against China's security law : Eight democracy activists arrested in Hong Kong

Several democracy activists have again been arrested in Hong Kong on the basis of the controversial Chinese security law. The eight activists, including three former members of parliament, were accused of organizing and participating in an unauthorized demonstration against the law on July 1, the police said on Tuesday. If convicted under the Security Act, the activists face up to five years in prison.

Those arrested include well-known democracy activist Leung Kwok Hung, former leader of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Wu Chi Wai and ex-MP Eddie Chu. The organizer of an annual demonstration to commemorate the handover of the former British Crown Colony to Great Britain, Figo Chan, was also appointed.

The arrests came a few hours after the US imposed new sanctions on 14 Chinese leaders in response to the expulsion of pro-democracy MPs from the Hong Kong parliament. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once again condemned the so-called security law in the grounds of the punitive measures. This "undermines" Hong Kong's autonomy.

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The law passed in June allows the Chinese authorities in Hong Kong to crack down on any activity they consider to be a national security threat. The law massively interferes with Hong Kong's autonomy rights. It was enacted in the wake of the pro-democracy protests of the past year.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets against the passage of the law. More than 370 people were arrested in connection with the July 1st demonstration, including for displaying banners or flags with pro-democracy slogans. (AFP)

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