What is annotation in machine learning

TWT is an IO Annotator partner


IO Annotator is a machine learning annotation platform for text and images. The tool enables high-quality training data to be created for machine learning projects and the annotation process to be seamlessly integrated into machine learning pipelines. In addition, different types of annotations are supported depending on the application. For example, annotations for text classification can be created, several entities within a text can be commented on and exported in various formats - or a sequence for sequence annotation can be carried out.

Here you upload a text and can add several variants for it. The annotators are supported by machine learning by learning and suggesting suitable annotations. In this way, the creation of training data can be accelerated considerably - without reducing the quality. Another function: You can use annotation to determine whether a text is positive, negative or neutral. The tool can also be used well for image projects and annotated data sets can be created for image classification.

“We look forward to the partnership. In this way, we can offer our customers a tool that considerably speeds up and simplifies the creation of image and text training data. This means being able to reduce costs and at the same time implement projects more quickly ”explains Pascal Reddig, Managing Director of TWT Business Solutions.

We would be happy to introduce you to the advantages of IO Annotator in a joint appointment. Contact us.