How good are solar powered phone chargers

Best Solar Power Bank Solar Powered Phone Charger

Best Solar Power Bank Solar Powered Phone Charger

Portable best solar power mobile devices with solar, electricity banks and wireless chargers. Avoid leaving your mobile devices running out of charge.

You need one of the best power banks to top up when needed.

Material: Environmentally friendly ABS + monocrystalline solar panel + A battery
Battery type: Class A New polymer battery
Color: Black, Orange, Red, Green
USB input and output: Input: DC5V / 1.0A
Output: DC5V / 1A, DC5V / 2.1A

- Portable solar charger with 10000 mAh
- Solar panel, solar charging is specially designed for emergencies, it is not a primary charging source due to the compactness
Size of the solar panel, which can take a long time. In general use, we recommend charging the power bank with direct current.
- Two USB ports allow you to charge phones, pads or other small electronic devices at the same time
- Material: solar panel, ABS plastic cover, silicone frame
- LED light, works perfectly in the dark, especially for emergencies
- SOS distress signal to help other people find you
- The battery has passed the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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