What leads to failure of window seals

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Condensation drips from the casement when opening

We moved into a new building this spring and I have now noticed in the cold season that condensation is forming in the window casement. When the sash is opened, the water runs through the holes on the underside onto the floor. Even in the current weather (outside temperatures of +8 degrees) water collects in the wing.
Key data:
  • Underfloor heating
  • Humidity approx. 55%
  • Inside temperature about 21 degrees
  • Plastic windows
Question: What is the cause?
Thank you very much and greetings
  1. condensation

    forms in the cold season with air from the inside to the outside, (perhaps due to window seals that do not close completely tightly) leads to condensation in the cold area.
    always happens.
    However, the windows should be constructed in such a way that this water can flow away unhindered. it is correctly directed to the outside via bores in the fold. and can flow away. a layman with window technology practically does not perceive something like that.
    maybe these drainage holes are blocked. or have been forgotten.
    let specialists for plastic windows take a look.
    product liability may still apply.
  2. two additional pieces of information: 1.) the water is dripping from the ...

    two additional information:
    1.) the water drips out of the openings in the wing when you move a little more (shake)
    2.) The rubber on the inside is in the area of ​​the tilting mechanisms
    not all around the window, i.e. the stop is directly on the frame when the window is closed.

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