Are e bikes cool

Actually like cycling, only better, Geero 2

The second generation of our power e-bikes impresses with its hidden technology and removable battery; Made with heart and brain in Austria.

Benefit now from a quick delivery time on models in stock and look forward to honest driving pleasure
heartcrafted in Austria.

Geero 2 is excellent

We are the most beautiful!
We can really justifiably claim that, because at the big FOCUS E-Bike Design Award we won the categories “Urban Style” and “City Bike”. Discover all of our award winners right away!

Right this way

And that's new!

Removable power battery

The removable power battery specially developed for Geero with a total of 444 Wh uses the battery cells that were primarily developed for Tesla. You can comfortably feed your Geero from any socket without having to transport the entire bike.

Positioning the motor

Geero's heart, i.e. his specially made BOS motor, was placed exactly where it is needed. On the one hand, this guarantees maximum efficiency and, on the other hand, this positioning protects the drive components such as gears and chains.

Brand new display

The control element has also got a worthy successor. You can now choose between five support levels via the compact, bright LC display. The application is kept simple despite the new technology; you don't need a smartphone app or the like for this. Of course, if you want, you can easily switch off the support completely and ride Geero like a normal bike.

Live and in color

Are you tingling your fingertips and toes out of sheer curiosity? Would you like to see and try out our bikes not only on your screen but also live? Use either the possibility of a test drive in your area or come to our showroom in Graz in beautiful Styria. Our team will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions!

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The Geero Effect!

Faithful companion

I love this bike because it looks great and rides wonderfully too. I use it to drive to work every day and in my free time I enjoy taking city trips; my Geero is also ideal for this. Last summer I cycled with it from Füssen to Meran (that's 250 km without passes).
Christine M. (Geero 1 City-Comfort)

Sporty and chic

I was looking for a light, sporty pedelec and found it in Geero. Great workmanship, light, very good operating concept, great driving characteristics both with and without motor support and at a very good price / performance ratio. A real relief in daily use. Absolute buy recommendation. I am still completely satisfied after a year of use.
Clemens R. (Geero 2 Touring-Classic)

Geero electrifies

The e-bike opens up a new freedom in terms of urban mobility. Fast, chic and it keeps you fit too. Geero has been my daily companion for over a year, who reliably brings me to university or to work and always puts a smile on my face.
Beate and Hannes E. (Geero 1 original)

You decide!

Your own Geero is just a few clicks away! If you'd rather just feel the wind in your hair for a try, simply arrange a free test drive near you!