What do cyclists use to prevent chafing?

Chafing on the inner thighs when cycling

Riding a bike brings a unique joy. It's an effective exercise, and it's exciting to be in the great outdoors with the wind in your hair. Unfortunately, when you rub your inner thighs, cycling becomes a disaster. However, don't park your bike just yet. You can get back on the saddle and cycle again with just a few changes to your cycling gear.

The guilty

You are likely to experience inner thigh chafing due to a number of factors. Failure to wear the correct clothing can cause friction between the legs and the saddle, as well as seam pain. Seam pain is irritation and friction that occurs when the seams of your shorts and underwear repeatedly rub against your thighs. The seams can scratch the body like ropes. Your bike saddle can also be to blame. It can put too much pressure on the groin area. Failure to lubricate your legs with skin cream before putting on your cycling clothing can create friction when your shorts rub against your thighs.

The right shorts

Cycling shorts designed for cycling lead to an end to internal thigh injury. The shorts are designed to fit your body in the cycling position. They consist of 6 to 8 separate panels with flat seams to avoid seam pain. The shorts are made of stretchy high-tech fabrics that wick away moisture and allow the skin to breathe. The longer legs on the shorts reduce friction on the thighs. The bottom of the legs has grippers to keep the shorts from crawling in your leg. The shorts also have a built-in chamois, a padded lining that cushions bumpy rides, reduces moisture, and fights bacteria. To avoid chafing, do not wear your underwear under your shorts. They are designed to fit like a second skin.

The right saddle

The wrong saddle can cause chafing on the inner thighs. Look for a saddle that will relieve dam pressure. The perineum is the area between your sit bones that touches the seat. Excessive pressure on the perineum can cause pain that causes you to drive and rub differently. Buy a saddle that has a groove or cutout in the middle, as well as extra gel padding. Comfort saddles are available in different shapes and sizes, for example as noseless and ring-shaped saddles. Test the saddles before buying.

The right lubricant

When cycling shorts and a new saddle aren't enough to keep your inner thighs chafed, you can use a lubricant. This is known as chamois cream. It is used to prevent chafing in the groin area. You can put it on your skin or on your chamois pad in your shorts, and you can put it on your thighs too. It reduces friction, prevents the growth of bacteria and makes driving more comfortable.