What does Moldavitoel do

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For a long time, many esotericists who work with stones regarded moldavite as not really effective glass.

There were almost no ancient sources mentioning moldavite. Many threw tektites in a drawer with meteorites, the esoteric effect of which can also be interpreted as negative.

Moldavite was also not understood in science for a long time and to this day not all puzzles of this mysterious gem have been solved.

Natural glasses have their place in stone medicine. For example, obsidian, a volcanically formed glass, is often used.
    The moldavite and its rock family the tektites differ from the rest of the natural glasses by their extraordinary history.
    It is particularly interesting that the Moldavites in front the actual catastrophe (the explosion of the meteorite).
    A snapshot of a rare and extremely energetic event. They include an enormous energy potential. An energy that does not come from this earth.

This distinguishes the moldavite from all other stones and makes it extremely effective for everyone who is accessible to this energy. In astrology, stone healing, channeling, as a dream stone or amulet, for tarot and all other divination methods, the moldavite is used with sometimes amazing results.


Choosing the right moldavite naturally depends on the type of application. The external shape plays a decisive role in this. For example, a flat, tumbled stone is particularly suitable for hanging on or as an amulet.

Become Moldavite never found in groups! Every stone lies individually and no one is like the other. It is the same with their effect.
Moldavites can be used for a wide variety of applications, which does not mean that every single stone can. They are very rarely universally applicable. It is better to assign a very specific task to each moldavite.
It often happens that an acclimatization phase is necessary in order to get to know the moldavite properly.


    In contrast to most other gemstones, the moldavite does not have to be cleaned with salt or salt water. It doesn't pick up any vibrations that need to be cleaned. Placing in the sun is also pointless. You have to be aware that it is not you that changes the moldavite, but the moldavite that changes you. Moldavite is insensitive to any kind of vibration-related contamination. It is sufficient to rinse it off from time to time under clear water.


Moldavites are completely natural and untreated! They are not irradiated or burned. There are no known dyeing or stabilizing methods. Raw stones are rarely oiled to bring out the color better. Unfortunately, imitations are becoming more and more common. They are currently flooding the market, especially in online auctions. They can usually be easily identified under a microscope. If you have any suspicious material, I will be happy to check it for authenticity free of charge.

Ginger writes:
Michael Ginger, founder of analytical stone healing and founding member of Steinheilkunde e.V. Stuttgart writes in his book: "The stone healing customer" on the subject of moldavite:


    »Stone Age finds already show the use of moldavite as an amulet stone. Its reputation as a magical lucky stone as well as for wishing and fertility magic has been preserved to this day. "


    »Spiritually Moldavite lets you experience immense spiritual dimensions. It conveys a limitless expanse, promotes clairvoyance and gives an idea of ​​what the actual spiritual greatness of a person is. "
    »Mentally Moldavite brings memories and dream images that allow insight into the meaning and purpose of our existence. Moldavite also strengthens empathy. "
    »Mentally Moldavite loosens our attention from strong material attachment as well as financial and future worries. Moldavite brings spontaneous, unconventional ideas and problem solutions. "
    »Physically Moldavite supports healing processes by making people aware of the cause of the disease and the gain in disease. "