What is a virtual pet

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Free choice from 32 digital pets!

Pets can definitely enrich life. But as good as life with animals at home is, they also require a certain amount of effort. For example, you have to walk dogs several times a day. And many a cat that you don't pay enough attention to reacts very offended and expresses this with a huge puddle that it leaves in bed or somewhere where it is guaranteed not to be overlooked. The recurring costs should not be underestimated either. These include costs for food, toys and visits to the vet. How nice it would be if you could have a virtual pet ... You can! With a one-time purchase, you can not only have one virtual pet, but several at the same time! To be precise, the pocket-sized virtual pet offers you a choice of 32 sometimes crazy pets!

If you think now, I know that from somewhere, of course you are damn right. There was something similar many years ago, before cell phones and smartphones became established and such small toys became out of fashion. But the virtual pet that you can order here is a little different. Apart from the fact that you enjoy a huge selection of different pets, including a dog, a snail or a camel, this gadget does not have three but four buttons like the original. That means even more fun playing with your pet in miniature format!

This little toy is of course no real substitute for a ball of fur that you can stroke and cuddle, but it is just a lot of fun to take care of a pocket-sized virtual pet. For example, if you're wondering, "What are great gifts for my kids to say thank you?" - then this electronic game is a very good answer to that. But it doesn't just inspire children, but adults too! So you can give it to anyone else as a small additional gift for Christmas or a birthday. And don't worry: if you don't feel like looking after your virtual pet, you don't have to fear any damp consequences!

Product information:
  • Pocket-sized virtual pet
  • Small, technical gadget with 32 different, virtual pets
  • Four buttons with which you can take care of the virtual animals
  • A real joy for children and a nostalgic memory for adults
  • Ideal for attaching to a key ring
  • No landlord can say anything against such a pet!
  • Color: The color of this gadget is chosen randomly from three colors (blue, pink or white)
  • Dimensions: approx. 5 x 2 x 5.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 32 g

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