Can we travel in a vacuum

Interplanetary travel SpaceX Unveils Starship Spaceship

After "Starship" sets off to strange worlds and has reached them, a vertical landing is planned. But first, after entering the atmosphere, the spaceship must fall at a 60-degree angle towards the ground before it moves into a vertical position. A steel heat shield protects "Starship" from breaking apart during the entry phase into the atmosphere.

The ambitious goal of the SpaceX founder is to turn humanity into an interstellar species. The idea behind it: It reduces the risk of humans being wiped out by a catastrophe - be it a war, climate change or an asteroid from space.

The moon as a stopover to Mars

To achieve his goal, Musk first plans a base on the moon that will serve as a stopover. From there, spaceships should set off on interstellar journeys with little energy expenditure. Due to the lack of an atmosphere, the spaceship does not have to be boosted into space and does not consume unnecessary fuel. The moon base should also serve for scientific experiments and investigations. A permanent lunar base is also a goal of the US government with its current Artemis program. The European space agency ESA also has plans for a "Moon Village" in its drawers.