What time of year is better for the gym

9 reasons why you shouldn't miss out on a workout in the gym in summer

When summer is in full swing, outdoor training can be a lot of fun. But in extreme temperatures, high humidity and over-friendly bugs and insects, it is better to swap the workout for a relaxed afternoon / evening with a cooling drink. At Holmes Place we believe that fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle and that no matter what time of year you are doing something for your body.

If you plan to skip your indoor training and prefer to relax in the sun, here are the 9 reasons why you should pack your gym bag immediately:

  1. Extra cool results: When temperatures soar, an air-conditioned gym can be the perfect way to fight the heat. The cool comfort in the club can expand the workout in summer and is more effective than heated outdoor training.
  2. Lively pool lap: Use your club's pool and reap the rewards of summer swimming training. You train all muscle groups at the same time, melt calories and increase your energy level. Who doesn't love that feeling of going out in the sun after a swim!
  3. Quiet gym: Since more people are lounging outside on the beach or flying on vacation in summer, it is also quieter in the gym. If your favorite device is usually in constant use, this is really good news. There is no waiting time!
  4. Stay tuned: If you skip the gym in the summer, then it will be more difficult to resume the exercise routine in the fall. Stay tuned and keep going in your classes. This will make you feel better and have more energy in the long run.
  5. Beach Body Forever! Have you trampled on in winter and spring in order to achieve your dream figure in summer? Then why do you stop when the warm season finally arrives? When temperatures rise, you look more defined and tanned - perfect for the beach. You will get even better results if you keep doing your exercise routine!
  6. Vacation Reward! If you are sporty and lead a healthy lifestyle, then you can treat yourself to something every now and then. Nobody wants to have to count calories during the vacation. A regular workout will make you feel confident so that you can treat yourself to ice cream or a fresh cocktail at the bar with a clear conscience. Balance is the key to happiness.
  7. Sleep better: We all know what it means to be sleepless on warm, mild summer nights. Instead of turning from side to side to cool off, there is a solution for that too: workout! Regular exercise promotes deeper and longer sleep and also lets you fall asleep faster on warm evenings.
  8. Better metabolism: Since the body needs more water in summer, we also drink more and thus promote our basal metabolic rate and excrete toxins from the body. Water is always available in the club. However, you also have the option of indulging in a refreshing, nutrient-rich juice.
  9. More endorphins: You leave the club after your cardio workout and the happiness hormones start buzzing around like crazy. Together with the endorphins from sunlight, you will feel unique and fantastic!