Why are bumper stickers called bumper stickers

Are car tattoos and bumper stickers allowed?

You see bumper stickers every day on the countless cars that are on our roads. Whether as a funny bumper sticker from the soccer team, more or less funny messages or pictures or even bizarre sayings. Car tattoos and stickers are not strictly prohibited on the vehicle.

However, it should be said that a bumper sticker may not and cannot really be placed on every area of ​​the vehicle. In some cases, problems can quickly arise - namely when traffic safety is endangered or impaired.

Which car tattoos and stickers are allowed now?

Which stickers may be affixed to which surface on the vehicle is clearly regulated in Section 40 (1) of the StVZO. This specifies which areas of the panes can be decorated. This paragraph states as follows:

"Panes made of safety glass, which are important for the driver's view, must be clear, translucent and free of distortion."

In practice, this means that a glare strip, also known as a tint strip, is permitted on the upper wheel of the windshield. Also around

World badges as well as toll and parking vignettes are allowed in the area of ​​the windscreen. However, the view must not be restricted here. A hodgepodge of various toll vignettes should therefore be avoided.

The rear side windows, as well as the rear window, may be covered with a correspondingly approved tint film as sun protection. The

In total, however, no more than a quarter of the pane may be pasted. Here, for example, you have the option of sticking a GPS safety sticker for the vehicle. Front windows are generally taboo in Germany. The exception here is that a sticker with a size of 0.1 m² is allowed to be affixed to the pane.


Do bumper stickers need a permit?

Like many other parts on the vehicle, bumper stickers for windows with an area of ​​0.1 m² or more must have the appropriate approval. This approval is called ABE (General Operating Permit). This permit is also required if more than a quarter of the pane is covered.

This ABE can be obtained from the relevant film manufacturer or can be sent to them on request. This approval must always be carried with you or even attached to the corresponding film.

Without the ABE for the rear window sticker just described, the general operating permit expires and the vehicle is no longer allowed to drive on public roads.


Which stickers are prohibited in principle?

But legal requirements do not only apply to panes. Stickers can only be attached to other components of the vehicle to a limited extent. Windows, lighting and exterior mirror glasses are also taboo. Hopefully it goes without saying that the rearview mirror should not be covered with stickers.

These requirements are clearly regulated by the StVZO. Covering the headlights with a corresponding tint film is therefore not possible and would result in the ABE being voided.

On the subject of car wrapping, i.e. a full wrapping of a vehicle, it should be said that there are corresponding regulations on strongly blinding film. There are beautiful pictures of foiled cars in chrome gold and silver on social networks - no question about it, an optically extraordinary experience for the viewer.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed under any circumstances, as other vehicles can be dazzled and traffic safety is therefore seriously endangered. The current register of fines provides a fine of 90 euros and one point. If you want to move your vehicle on the public street again, you have to have your expensive full wrap removed.


License plate stickers and mirrors

Stickers with various symbols such as club logos, black Germany stickers or other car stickers are also popular. Here the legislature puts a clear stop to it: “No stickers are allowed on the license plate”.

Any violation of this will result in a fine of 65 euros.

But what is allowed: The license plate holder can be provided with appropriate advertising. There are many ways to place a bumper sticker here.



Which bumper sticker designs are not allowed?

There are also clear legal limits in terms of design and content. It should be clear to everyone that signs and symbols of anti-constitutional organizations should not or may not be published on the vehicle. The same applies to offensive, racist or discriminatory expressions of opinion towards other people. This can quickly threaten a display of people driving by or running every day. But nobody has anything against normal stickers such as dog stickers, skyline bumper stickers or hibiscus stickers.


Conclusion and summary

Otherwise it can be said that the area of ​​the paint can be embellished almost without restrictions. There are a few things to watch out for in the area of ​​the panes and motifs or texts that violate the norm should be avoided. With our stickers, we do not want to dazzle other road users and therefore do without large dazzling foils for full wrapping, also known as carwrapping. Nothing stands in the way of the next car tattoo.