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Questions and Answers: Electromobility

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Frequently asked questions about the EnBW mobility + app

  • Is the EnBW mobility + app free of charge?

    Yes, our mobility app is free for all mobile devices, and it will remain free! The only thing that changes: We are gradually adding more useful functions to the application. So it's worth installing.

    Download the EnBW mobility + app now for Apple iOS in the App Store or for Android in the Google Play Store.

  • How do I install the EnBW mobility + app on my smartphone?

    The installation of the EnBW mobility + app is uncomplicated and only takes a few steps. Download the EnBW mobility + app for Apple iOS from the App Store or for Android from the Google Play Store and simply follow the installation instructions.

    You can also find detailed information in our installation and registration instructions for the EnBW mobility + app.

  • How does charging at a charging station work?

    Loading is this easy:

    1. Register at the charging station
    To start a charging process, authenticate yourself with our mobility app at the charging point. Or alternatively hold your EnBW mobility + charging card against the card symbol on the charging station. The current charge price for this electric charging station and your credit balance appear on the display.

    2. Connect and refuel
    Now follow the instructions in the app. The charging monitor shows you the progress of the charging process and informs you about the charging amount and costs. When you fill up with the EnBW mobility + charging card, wait until the display shows the request "Open the cover, connect the cable". Connect your electric car to the charging station. And off you go - the electricity flows.

    3. End the charging process
    As soon as the charging process has been completed, the app will notify you by push notification. Pull out the plug and close the flap. If you use your charging card to refuel, hold it again to the card symbol on the charging station to end the charging process. Now you can remove the plug and close the flap. On the display you can see the connection time and the charging costs.

  • How is the charging process billed?

    With the EnBW mobility + app, you can pay conveniently by smartphone! Enter the desired payment method when registering. After the charging process, which you control via the charging monitor function of the app, the charging costs are automatically debited.

    Are you still using an EnBW mobility + charging card? Here you end the charging process by holding the card against the card symbol of the e-filling station. On the display you can see the connection time and the charging costs. You will receive a monthly invoice, which will be billed by direct debit. With the prepaid version, the amount is deducted from the credit on your charge card.

  • Are there charging stations that are not compatible with the app?

    In addition to your own, the EnBW mobility + app shows you all compatible charging stations from the network with Hubject and eClearing. There are also other charging stations from charging station operators with whom EnBW has concluded a contract. A corresponding filter can be made in the app.

  • Does the app notify me when the charging process is finished?

    Yes. The EnBW mobility + app sends you a push notification about the start and end of charging processes. Exception: You cancel the charging process yourself or you are already using the integrated charging monitor to start.

  • Does the application indicate whether the charging station is free?

    Yes, with our EnBW mobility + app you can see in advance whether the charging station you want to use is free. You can even see whether the slot with the appropriate connector type is available. You can find this information both in your favorites list and under the detailed information stored for each e-charging station.

  • How does the navigation work via the EnBW mobility + app?

    The EnBW mobility + app is linked to the navigation apps installed on your smartphone. Did you find a suitable charging station? Simply tap the blue car icon and select an application that you like to use for navigating. That's it - you're good to go!

Frequently asked questions about the driving simulation function of the EnBW mobility + app

  • Does the app's recommendation only apply to the preselected electric car after the test drive?

    No. You can also compare your trip records with other vehicles from the integrated electric car database. To do this, tap on "Driving history" in the "Driving simulation" area in the command menu of the app. Use the "Compare results" button to call up the overall comparison.

  • How realistic is the recommendation for a specific electric car?

    Very realistic - after all, the evaluation is based on real values ​​that are recorded while you are out and about in your internal combustion engine. This statistical data is used to calculate which vehicle best suits your driving profile. Important factors are consumption and range according to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) information provided by the manufacturer. The personal driving style and the use of additional consumers such as heating, radio and air conditioning are also included in the calculation.

  • What about data security?

    When you install the app, the following identifiers of your mobile device are automatically transferred to us: device ID, app version and operating system version. This data is used to improve the functionality of the app and to assign the trips to the trip history.
    If you want to record a trip, start this process manually. These data are recorded at the start of this trip recording: start and end of the trip / latitude / longitude / altitude / current speed / current temperature / trip recording pauses and start of a new trip recording section / trip duration in seconds / number of trip recording pauses / GPS data (location data).
    The last trip recording is saved locally on your device. In addition, the data is stored in our software systems and visualized on your app. The trip record is transmitted to us if there is an internet connection after the trip record has ended. We pass on the longitude and latitude (otherwise no further information) to a service provider, who then transfers the respective outside temperature into our systems. This is necessary because of the impact on battery performance. You have the option at any time to delete trips individually in the "History" area. The deletion then takes place both in your app and in our software system. According to §§ 34, 36 BDSG you are entitled to request information about the data stored about you as well as the correction, deletion and blocking of data. For this purpose or if you have any other questions about data protection, please contact [email protected]

Frequently asked questions about the charging and payment function of the EnBW mobility + app

  • At which charging stations can I pay with the EnBW mobility + app?

    You can use the EnBW mobility + app on EnBW's own charging stations and those of our cooperation partners. Their number is continuously being expanded.

  • Can I use my EnBW mobility + charging card as a replacement if I have forgotten my smartphone or if the battery is empty?

    Yes, it works. The prerequisite for this is that the charge card is stored in the app. The card can then be used instead of the app for authentication at the charging station. In this case, the charging process is billed entirely via the EnBW mobility + app.

  • How is the charging process billed?

    With the EnBW mobility + app, this works more conveniently than ever before. When registering, enter your preferred payment method. As soon as a charging process is completed, the costs are automatically debited. Credit bonuses are used first, then the account set up is debited.

  • How do I keep track of the charging processes?

    You can get a complete overview of all charging processes with the charging history function of the EnBW mobility + app. There you can find out about the charging time and the amount of electricity charged. The history also shows the charging points used on a map. An invoice is created from all charging processes in a billing period, which you can conveniently download via the app.

  • As a user of the EnBW mobility + app, am I limited to a tariff?

    No. The app has the right offer for both occasional and frequent travelers. A tariff change is possible within the app and is automatically converted according to the term.

  • What options are there for charging at EnBW mobility + charging stations if I am not using the EnBW mobility + app?

    Our EnBW mobility + charging stations are all part of the Hubject network and can therefore also be controlled via "intercharge direct".

    Charging at our EnBW mobility + charging station via "intercharge direct" costs as follows:

    38 ct / kWh *
    58 ct / kWh *
    parking fee
    4 ct / min *

    * The prices quoted take into account the changed VAT (from 19% to 16% by December 31, 2020) and the prices are rounded.