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Favorite Swedish words

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A few weeks ago I organized a challenge together with other Scandinavian-crazy Instagram accounts.
That means we published posts on various topics over seven days and not only had a lot of fun, but also pulled many other Scandinavian friends along with us.
One of these topics of the day was “Favorite Word” and based on that I once wrote down Swedish favorite words that were mentioned there during that time.

So if you are looking for new Swedish words that are really great and memorable, then I can really recommend this vocabulary list to you.

So many great words were mentioned in the challenge that I couldn't include all of them in this article. But I tried to bring in a little structure.

Favorite Swedish word mys

In keeping with autumn, which has just started, let's start right away with cosiness and everything that goes with it.

mysa"Means something like" make yourself comfortable ". And there you will certainly think of one or the other how to make yourself really comfortable.

Words that lead to "mysa"Fit and only belong to a different phrase"mys"- Coziness and"mysig" - cozy. You can mys also pair with other words and then get many other mys-words: fredagsmys (I will tell you exactly what that is in this article), filmmys - make yourself comfortable with a movie, mysbelysning - Lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere.

And what else fits mys? Exactly levande ljus - So candles and of course with one hemmakväll, an evening to spend at home.

Favorite Swedish words from nature

Many words from nature were also mentioned in the challenge.
We start with one of the smallest words in the Swedish language "ö". The Ö is not just a letter (one of 29 letters), but also a whole word and means island. The two largest islands in Sweden are Gotland and Öland.

Are especially popular in Sweden blåbär, so the blueberries and also lingon, the lingonberries that people like to eat with the famous Köttbullar.

Did you know that smultron the wild berry is? A smultron stables but is not a place where the wild strawberries grow, but rather an insider tip / favorite place. Do you have an insider tip in Sweden? Will you tell me?

Or do you know pappa long? Here we also say Weberknecht or Schnake.
Snigel is also a very small and harmless animal. And yet there are people who are afraid of it. Are you one of them? Snigel is namely the snail.

For the winter (by the way vinter in Swedish) we also need the word snöflinga - snowflake. I've already told you in two articles what you can do in Gothenburg or Stockholm in winter.

And then there is the word gökotta. And for the translation you need a whole sentence again, because there is no shorter variant in German.
Gökotta refers to an excursion into nature very early in the morning to hear birds, and especially the cuckoo, sing.

Favorite Swedish culinary words

I would say that you fika you know, don't you? If you need a more detailed explanation of THE Swedish tradition, I have summarized it for you in this article.

This is then appropriate fikabröd, so the sweet baked goods that are used for fika to be eaten. That can be anything from the Kanelbulle to a cake to a tart.

Korv med bröd“Is somehow a classic in Sweden and means nothing more than sausages with bread. And godis You surely know it too, don't you? That's the candy. The word godis always reminds me of the meter-long shelves of self-service sweets.

And have you ever heard of "sopplunch" belongs? Again, there is no nice short translation. It means something like soup for lunch. Ok i think so sopplunch sounds better, or what do you say?

Favorite Swedish words without a category

And then there were many other beautiful words that I wanted to include, but which I couldn't categorize. That's why there is now a list with the Swedish word and the German translation.

hey - hello (if you want to get to know more greetings, just take a look at this article)

hastighetsbegränsning, -en - speed limit

pyttelites - tiny

loppis, -en - flea market

mormor, -n - maternal grandmother. (I think the words for the different relationships are great. How they look exactly and how easy it is in Swedish, I'll tell you here.)

bonus bar, -et - stepchild (you have to admit that this sounds nicer in Swedish than in German)

hen - non-binary pronoun

tipsa - Give tips

lycka, -n (or also lycklig) - happiness (happy)

early, -en - freedom

lagom - not too much and not too little, but just right. (Here, too, there is both an explanation and a book tip)

nalle, -n or bamse, -n - both are called Teddy

sootnos - Sweetie / sweetie

sötchock, -en - söt = sweet, chock = shock; i.e. a sötchock is something that you have when you can't find anything anymore because of all the sweetness. Small cat or dog puppies offer potential for a sötchock.

A word that I rediscovered through the challenge is Geggamoja, which means something like mud pound. Nice, is not it?


So now I have given you a whole series of words that have popped up in my mind recently. I actually know them all, but sometimes you just have to hear / read them again so that they can be brought back into the active vocabulary.

What is your favorite word in the Swedish language or from the list here? Feel free to write it to me in the comments. I am really curious to see what great words we can still collect here.

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