Why wasn't the modular building removed?

Modular timber construction

EDGAR is contemporary and ecological living

Living with and in wood is something very special. Wood is natural, beautiful and versatile. Perfect for creative solutions and people who are looking for a unique living environment.

With the Edgar modular system, we offer an affordable, individual and environmentally friendly option for creating living space.

Modular timber construction is the assembly of correctly calculated and constructed modules for your tailor-made house. Our experienced architects and planners can use it to implement your ideas precisely and precisely.

Our standard module size is 3.3 x 6.2 m, although we can also produce intermediate sizes, which results in thousands of combination options for your house. Incidentally, the maximum module size is 4.5 x 15m, which results in a complete house with approx. 52m2.

Modular timber construction is turnkey construction without compromises. You get all services implemented, accompanied and accepted by us directly. There are no unwanted surprises due to missing or previously not communicated details. You benefit from one contact person for all trades.

EDGAR is ...

... planning security

Edgar combines individual predefined building modules. On the one hand, this enables very fast planning, but also very precise advance calculation of a fixed completion date. The combination of different modules allows individual floor plans to be created without any problems. This ensures great flexibility with regard to the spatial design.
Another advantage: You only have one contact person from planning to construction!

... freedom from defects

Edgar is heated in a quality assured process in our
Production hall, independent of the weather, manufactured. you can
convince at any time of the construction progress and the rapid
Experience the production process live.

... cost security

Get after determining the size, equipment and materials
A fixed price.

… Environmental sustainability

Through the environmentally conscious selection of building materials and above all
Wood, our buildings can be completely converted and dismantled. By request
you can simply take Edgar with you when you move.
We mainly use natural products and raw materials from
regional partners. Any degradation therefore hardly causes any
Disposal costs. Due to the execution with screw foundations
nature is not damaged by soil sealing.