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The fact that Spanish is number 2 of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, is one of the main reasons that drives millions of students on the wonderful journey of the Start learning Spanish.

This motivation is necessary, but here at TLCdénia we know that the reasons for learning Spanish are much more complex.

Over our years of experience we have found time and time again that there is a strong connection with the Spanish language that every year prompts schoolchildren all over the world to pack their things for a stay in Spain to enjoy their holidays with one Combine Intensive Spanish Course.

"Why do you want to learn Spanish?" is one of the most frequently asked questions during the first day of the course at TLCdénia. The answers from our students always make us smile:

1. “I love Spain”
It is the place that makes people learn Spanish; A great experience in Spain or Latin America feeds the desire to return and learn Spanish. Our city also evokes passion and leaves no one unimpressed.

2. “The Spaniards are very friendly”
Some of our students told us that the people in Spain and Latin America are so friendly and that is why they wanted to learn their language. We hear statements like: "People greet you with a smile and it's such a shame not to be able to speak to them in Spanish."

3. “Spanish cuisine is the best!”It is well known that Spanish cuisine is popular far beyond its borders and some of our students are not only fans of Spanish culture and language, but also of the culinary world.

This interest is based not only on the joy of taste and the variety of the food, but also on the curiosity to learn more about the culture of Spanish cuisine. Our diet is world-famous for being particularly healthy and is therefore even a registered World Heritage Site!


In addition, Dénia has been named a creative gastronomic city by UNESCO, which often prompts visitors to improve their Spanish during one of our culinary voyages of discovery.

4. "I want to travel through South America"
One of the most common dreams of travelers is to explore the beautiful countries of South America. Many Europeans stop in Spain to learn Spanish before setting off on their South American adventure.

5. “When I retire, I want to live in Spain”
Some students, some of them very young, talk about their retirement plans to buy a house in Spain and spend their old age here. And so in Dénia, with ninety-one registered nationalities, the dream of thousands of foreign retirees has already come true.

6. “I come here every year to go on vacation”
Dénia is a region with many great tourist attractions. Its geographical Mediterranean location, surrounded by a natural park, its 20 km of coastline and the pleasantly warm temperatures attract millions of tourists to Dénia every year.

Many of them come every year and want to learn the language in order to be able to converse with local acquaintances during their stay. (You can find more information about Dénia here:: 7 reasons to study languages ​​in Dénia)

7. “I want to understand the writings of García Márquez…”
... or by Miguel de Cervantes, Neruda or Becquer. The novels by Isabel Allende, the world of Dali and Picasso or the architecture of Gaudi. The artists also encourage a lot of people to learn Spanish. Literature professors, artists, architects or other lovers of Spanish art want to dive deeper into the culture and understand the language.

8. “I want to understand Spanish music”
There is a multitude of musical genres with Spanish origins that also fascinate people who do not speak Spanish: from Spanish pop music to the world-famous salsa, flamenco and many Spanish solo artists. Many of our students say that it was the music that made them learn Spanish.

9. “Spanish just sounds great”
It is difficult to know how outsiders perceive our language: Do they perceive it as a rhythmic language? ... as deliberate? ... or melodious?

Whatever it is, Spanish just sounds good to many and therefore seems to be an appealing language. In addition, written Spanish is almost entirely phonetically and is spoken as it is written, which makes pronunciation very easy.

10. “I want to make Spanish acquaintances”
While it may sound strange, this is a serious statement based on an interest in Spanish culture and society.
Foreigners appreciate our way of attaching great importance to our social environment with family and friends.
Many of them are also fascinated by the lively streets and Spanish leisure, but the nightlife also contributes to the fact that many attend a course.

11. “I am a fan of Spanish sports”
Not every fan of Spanish sports learns the language, but the successes of Spanish athletes make the country more attractive to many.
Some of our students say that their passion for Spanish football or tennis is so great that they travel to their favorites every year to see the games, which ultimately made them want to learn the language.

12. “I need Spanish for my job” The Spanish language is constantly growing. With 470 million people now speaking Spanish, it is the third most widely spoken language in the world with a majority in America, where 85% of Spanish speakers live.

With 41 million Spanish-speaking inhabitants (approx. 13%), the USA ranks fifth in the world behind Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Argentina.
In order to successfully expand companies, Spanish has recently become more and more existential. In addition, language tourism is playing an increasingly important role. It currently generates 16% of the gross domestic product (GDP). (See also How much is Spanish?)

And you? Why do you want to learn Spanish?

Whatever your reason, I'm sure learning Spanish will change your life!

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