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Office chairs

The office chair - your comfortable companion in everyday work

The average German employee spends more than 200 days in the office each year - and mostly on the office chair. According to statistics, we spend an average of almost three hours a day at work. Due to the high "sitting performance" in combination with an unhealthy posture, chronic muscle tension often occurs, which can lead to permanent back pain. With an ergonomic office chair from tectake, however, you can take countermeasures and improve your sitting posture while working. Your back will thank you.

This is what distinguishes a high-quality office chair

A good office chair can be individually adapted to your size and work posture. Modern models have a so-called synchronous mechanism for this, which makes it possible to adjust the seat inclination and the backrest in parallel. When it comes to sitting comfort, you should pay attention to office chairs with backrests that protrude up to the shoulders. An inwardly curved backrest optimally supports your lumbar vertebrae. Whether your office chair should have armrests is entirely up to you.

We have carefully put together our range of office chairs and offer you a selection so that you can buy the best possible chair for your study or office online.

Office chair and ergonomics: how to sit correctly

When sitting on your swivel chair, adopt the recommended, back-friendly posture: Your legs are bent about 90 degrees, your thighs are horizontal and both feet are touching the floor. If you lean against it, your legs should protrude at least two fingers' widths beyond the front edge of the seat, while there is still a hand's breadth of space above your thighs to the edge of the table.

Try out your new office chair right at your desk after buying it: Then sit upright in front of your computer, keeping your eyes at least 50 centimeters away from the screen. Can you work comfortably this way? Then you've found your new "colleague" for the office!

You should pay attention to this when buying the office chair

  • Ergonomics comes before design: Even if the look at the workplace naturally also plays a role, you should above all be able to sit comfortably and gently on your desk chair. It is therefore important that the chair is height-adjustable and has a rocker function that can be adapted to the body weight.
  • Material: Artificial leather has proven itself in office chairs for many years. The material has many advantages. So it is significantly cheaper than real leather, but looks in no way inferior to it. At the same time, artificial leather can be cleaned much more easily. If you tend to sweat quickly when working at your desk, it is best to choose an office chair with a back section made of mesh fabric. This ensures very good ventilation of the back.
  • Price and performance: Here at tectake you benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio when you buy your new work chair.

Roll stool or chair?

If you need a work chair that is particularly flexible and requires little space, a roll stool can also be useful. The practical swivel chairs have neither backrests nor armrests. Nevertheless, they offer enough seating comfort for an upright sitting position. Thanks to the height-adjustable seat, the stool can be perfectly adapted to your body size. However, roller stools are not recommended for long periods of sitting. Here you should better use a model with a backrest or armrest.

FAQ about the office chair

How high should an office chair be?

In theory, you'd have to ask this question differently. Because first of all, the height of the desk is important for an ergonomic working posture. A range of 66 to 75 centimeters is recommended here. Since the classic office chair is height adjustable, there is no fixed height recommendation for the chair. You should keep it on at your leg length. It is recommended here if you adjust the seat height so that the surface of the chair is approximately at the height of your knee bend.

How can I change roles on the office chair?

As a rule, the rollers of your office chair with the pins are simply inserted into the openings provided in the base. You can just as easily pull out the rollers to change them. If you have any further questions about changing roles, please feel free to contact our service team.

Which office chair is the best?

Basically, the most expensive office chair is not the best for you, but the chair that provides the best possible support for your back when working while sitting and enables you to adopt an ergonomic working posture. Height-adjustable office chairs are always recommended in order to adapt the seat height to your body size.

Which carpet is suitable for office chairs?

The castors on the star base mean that office chairs are mainly suitable for smooth floors. If you use your swivel chair on a carpet, rolling on short-pile floor coverings is easier. A floor protection mat can be recommended for carpets or sensitive wooden floors.

Why does an office chair have to have five roles?

Today five or even six castors are predominantly used for office chairs in order to increase the stability. However, the first office chairs still had four castors, which is why the base had a cross shape. The term “foot cross” has remained from this to this day, although the frame no longer has a cross shape.

Up to what weight are office chairs suitable?

The tectake office chairs available here are suitable for people up to a body weight of between 100 and 110 kilograms, depending on the model. Our roll stool can withstand loads of up to 150 kilograms.

Which office chair is best for me if I sit at my desk for a long time?

An office chair with a rocker mechanism that can be adjusted to your body weight is particularly important for very long work sessions at your desk. So you can lean back with support from time to time. This relieves the intervertebral disc and you reduce the risk of back pain. If you want to take short breaks from work to relax, an executive chair can also be recommended. In many of these models, the backrest can be flattened so that you can almost relax while lying down.

Are armrests absolutely necessary for a desk chair?

Armrests or armrests are not a must and not absolutely necessary for an ergonomic sitting posture. Armrests can, however, relieve you of long-term work at the PC if you can put your arms there in between.