Should there be a legal minimum age for alcohol consumption

Alcohol abroad: what age restrictions apply where?

Popular travel destinations: Legal regulations on alcohol

Are you currently preparing for your holiday or are you already thinking about your next travel destination? If you travel with teenagers, you should find out about age restrictions on alcohol. The laws in many countries differ significantly from the regulations in Germany.

Spain: Sales from 18 years, consumption from 18 years

Under 18 years of age, the acquisition and consumption of any alcohol is prohibited in Spain. Young people between 16 and 18 years of age have to do without beer, wine or sparkling wine on their holiday in Spain. While the age limits apply nationwide, other regulations vary from region to region. For example, some regions, including Madrid, prohibit alcohol consumption in streets and public places.

France: Sales from 18 years, consumption from 16 years in the presence of a parent or legal guardian

As in most European countries, the sale of alcohol to young people under the age of 18 is prohibited in France. The same goes for alcohol consumption. There are exceptions if legal guardians are present. Then young people aged 16 and over can consume wine and beer, for example. These age limits have been in effect since 2009.

Italy: sale from 18 years, consumption from 18 years

Since 2012, alcohol has not been sold to or consumed by minors in Italy either. You should also find out about regional bans and time restrictions on alcohol sales before your holiday. In many Italian cities, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the streets and public places during the night.

USA: Sales from 21 years of age, consumption from 21 years of age

Compared to Germany, the US has a fairly high age limit for selling and serving alcohol at 21 years of age. The public consumption of alcohol is generally prohibited. Therefore, alcoholic beverages are left in the familiar brown paper bags in public. And if you are traveling by car, you should always carry alcohol in the trunk. During a traffic stop, the suspicion that alcohol was consumed cannot arise.

China: Sales from 18 years

Since 2006, alcohol has not been allowed to be sold to under 18s in China. Alcohol consumption, on the other hand, is not clearly regulated. According to the Chinese Youth Protection Act, parents have a duty to prevent their children from getting drunk.

Turkey: Sales from 18 years, consumption from 18 years

In Turkey, alcohol is allowed from the age of 18. This applies to sales and consumption. As in some other holiday destinations, there are also restrictions on the public consumption of alcohol.

Thailand: Sales from 20 years, consumption from 20 years

In 2008, the minimum age for acquiring and consuming alcohol was raised from 18 to 20 years in Thailand. Public alcohol consumption is limited. For example, alcohol is not allowed in temples or public parks.


What age restrictions apply in Germany?

In Germany, the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG [S8] [MS9]) regulates the age from which certain alcoholic beverages may be given to young people or consumption in public. All alcoholic beverages are allowed from the age of 18. Young people aged 16 and over are allowed to purchase and consume beverages with a low alcohol content (e.g. beer and wine).