What is your favorite nut and why

Nuts: 10 types of nuts in the test - which one suits you?

Are you one of those people who avoid nuts - mainly because of their fat content? Well, that has its justification, but:

Under the peel of the fruit there is up to 70 percent - but you should eat it courageously: Because it is top healthy fats!

The secret lies in the dose alone: ​​a handful of nuts (25 to 30 grams) per day is ideal. Nuts don't make you fat, they make you fit - especially as a super snack for when you're hungry. And they can do so much more!

Nuts are the best brain food

"You should always try to increase your mental performance in a natural way," says Gunter Eckert, researcher at the Pharmacological Institute of the University of Frankfurt. One of his main research areas is "nutrition-related brain research" - also known as nutritional neuroscience. Here, the relationships between food intake and brain activity are considered. The phrase “you are what you eat” is the leitmotif, so to speak. Because it is already known that our food affects the efficiency of our thinking apparatus. Thus, with the right foods, we can increase the brain capacity for many years - or push it up for a short time. According to Eckert, this definitely includes nuts:

  • Nuts provide you with head energy over a longer period of time and keep you full for a long time.
  • Our brain is made up of 60 percent fat. It is therefore not surprising that unsaturated fatty acids should definitely be on your menu - and nuts are at the forefront here too: when consumed daily, they support the brain's internal information transfer and storage.
  • They are also suitable for the formation of messenger substances such as dopamine - they also contain the important B vitamins and magnesium.

Nuts as a health booster

Numerous studies prove their miracle effect: All nuts, when we eat them pure,

  1. lower the cholesterol level,
  2. stabilize blood sugar,
  3. protect our heart (except cashews and macadamia)
  4. save from stroke.

tip: It's best to buy them unpeeled. Because if you have to laboriously crack nuts or almonds, you will not automatically eat as many nuts. Then it's easier to stick to the handful.

But: Steer clear of oil-roasted nuts with crispy crusts and salt - they are not only addictive, but also destroy most of the fitness benefits. The high amount of salt can increase blood pressure in sensitive people. And dangerous trans fatty acids can also be produced during the roasting process.

How nuts help you lose weight

Yes, that's actually true - because many of the healthy ingredients in our body apparently also contribute to various fat-burning processes and thus even turn nuts into slim food. Reasons for this: On the one hand, according to various studies, nuts seem to inhibit our desire for more sweet snacks, on the other hand, they really keep you full for a long time - the feeling of hunger after consuming nuts measurably decreases by a proud eight to twelve hours. This was proven by a study that was published in 2013 in British Journal of Nutrition has been published.

However, all of this only if - as already said - you do not overdo it with your nut consumption: A handful of nuts a day is considered the healthy measure of all things! And it's best to change the type of nut every now and then, because the little things come with different strengths.

When it comes to weight loss, hazelnuts, pistachios and, more recently, walnuts are right up there!

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