Why is heroin taking over my life


Heroin is an opioid that is usually injected, but can also be smoked or sniffed. Consumption quickly leads to physical and psychological dependence and can be fatal if overdosed.


Heroin has a euphoric, pain-relieving effect and at the same time promotes sleep. The sensory perceptions are dampened and sexual pleasure is reduced. An overdose can cause respiratory paralysis, which can lead to death.

Heroin is quickly addictive. Typical withdrawal symptoms are sweating, tremors, cramps and insomnia, as well as psychological changes such as confusion, restlessness and disorientation.

Heroin itself does not harm human organs. Damage to health is mainly caused by contamination of the drug and the injection of the drug into the veins, especially if this is not done under clean conditions.

In addition, the addiction usually leads to a very difficult life situation. The drug can often only be financed through crime or prostitution. Many addicts lose touch with their family and friends.


In combination with some HIV drugs such as ViraceptĀ® (nelvinavir), AptivusĀ® (tipranavir), and NorvirĀ® (ritonavir), you may experience premature withdrawal symptoms.

These include, for example, tear and nose flow, sweats, restlessness, insomnia, dilated pupils and tremors.


Substitution means to replace. The heroin is replaced by a drug (such as methadone or buprenorphine) that a doctor prescribes. This means that there are no withdrawal symptoms even though you no longer consume heroin.

Substitution offers the possibility

  • to recover healthily
  • to leave the drug scene behind
  • to break away from crime related to acquisitions
  • to gradually get out of the dependency
  • resume social relationships with old friends and family

The health insurance pays the costs for the substitution. Substitution with pharmaceutically produced heroin (diamorphine) is also possible under certain conditions.

Further information is available from HIV practices, in AIDS support centers and in drug support facilities.


Anyone looking for a way out of heroin addiction can rely on the support of numerous institutions. These include drug help organizations, self-help organizations and the AIDS organizations.

Substitution can be very helpful when starting out.