Space stations can be seen at night

The space station as a shining star

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The evening visibility of the ISS is currently particularly good. Stargazers all over Europe can still observe the International Space Station ISS with the naked eye as a fast-moving, star-like object in the sky until November.



Especially in the early evening hours shortly after sunset, the ISS, on which ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter is currently on the astrolabe mission, can be seen very clearly when the sky is cloudless and can be easily distinguished from the stars in the sky.

When can I see the ISS?

Basically, the visibility periods of the ISS alternate. This means that for a few days it can only be seen in the morning, the following days only in the evening hours. At the moment the evening visibility is extremely favorable, so that observers in Europe can see the space station as a fast moving bright point in the sky. The space station flies from west to east at a speed of around 28,000 km / h.

ESA service: The overflight times over Europe

The exact time of visibility must be calculated depending on the location of the observer. Some web pages have been set up on the Internet to determine the exact data. There you can query the visibility data of the ISS for a large number of locations around the world. The corresponding ESA page can be accessed via

can be achieved. You then reach your goal in two steps. First the country, for example Germany, is selected, in the second step the location from which the observation is to take place follows. The database contains the information from over two million locations, so the selection shouldn't be a problem. The result is a table with the visibility for several days.

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