Do you write erotic

Here's how to text sex messages without looking like an embarrassing idiot

Nobody writes the way the Duden wants it, that's clear. But does that mean you have to write like a 12-year-old? “YOLO, great. Do you know D? C u l8er;) "Do you think she wants to meet you later with a line like that? No lady wants to unravel your sex hieroglyphs when she can have it easier. Or something like:" Fancy CS? " It's just as subtle as slapping the girl of your dreams on the shoulder to show your affection. And of course you look like a little boy and you don't want that, do you? THE RIGHT MOTIF
If you're a guy, sending her a picture of your boner is not a good idea — unless she really wants to see a picture of your boner. Your dowsing rod in close-up is not such a turn-on sight for most and not even necessary to get in the mood. In fact, once you've started texting sex, it can be rather disturbing. A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it is a few words too many. Believe me: you want to send erotic literature, not educational pictures from bio lessons. The same applies to the ladies: an anatomical close-up of your pussy is for the gynecologist, not for the guy you think is so hot. Would you maybe fuck someone who is wearing a full body suit with a hole underneath? No right? Better take photos of your whole body. A picture of you in hot underwear is guaranteed to be more popular. Another tip: whoever gets a sharp photo of you will almost certainly show it to a friend. Sooner or later it will be inevitable. If you mind, take a photo of yourself without a face. But if you're really hot, do it with your face. Rihanna did it, so can you too. We don't want to know exactly. In earnest. EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED
You can try everything in your sex text messages and the chances are good that you will get something in return. From the text "Fuck, I kicked dog shit" you can quickly make "Yeah, I went to the gym today". SMS are great. Use your options. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PRIVACY
Until recently, breaking up with your partner was a real problem. Maybe you slept with his best friend and then it could happen that he just posted the nude pictures of you on the internet in revenge. Revealing pictures on your own phone can also be dangerous. My brother once showed a topless picture of me to my entire family - and that too at Christmas! It did it without intention, but it gave everyone a lot more to see than they needed to. And otherwise, most of them do not want their snapshots in the shower to end up on the Internet and end up in the wrong hands. Fortunately, there is Snapchat. Under the slogan "a new way to share special moments with your friends" you can send 10-second videos or photos to individual users or groups that disappear automatically after viewing them. You cannot take screenshots of them either. Snapchat's website looks good and decent, but it is clear what you want to use the program for. As a field of application, you write on their site of "blurry" images. This allusion is as transparent as the lace underwear in the photo you just sent your boyfriend. SLEEP or FUCK WITH YOU
What applies to sex also applies to sex SMS. Your partner can already tell from your language how you would like it in bed. "To sleep with you" suits your parents and hippies, to Doctor Sommer and the silent wallflower you know from university. "Fuck" is written by permanently horny teenagers, sex freaks or your nasty ex who now has a new girlfriend. And pretty much anyone who would be fun to have sex texting with. STAY CALM
I've been texting myself back and forth until I was so horny as if I was really in bed with a guy. But if I had to read the text message again later, I would immediately jump out the window on the third floor. Read and then delete is my tip. But always remember - when things get down to business on the phone, things can get embarrassing. But that's completely normal. If your ex shows your piggy text messages to other people, go on the offensive. Most of them will like what they get to read and will probably want to exchange text messages with you even more afterwards. Everyone wins in this game. !!!#[email protected]#[email protected]#$
Better check twice before pressing "send" with your finger.