What are some good indie songs

The 10 Most Heard Songs in Indie Disco

Most heard songs - 8th place. Foals - My Number

If there has been one song in the last three years that has become a real long-running hit on the indie dance floor, it is Foals “My Number” from their third album “Holy Fire”. The band around Yannis Philippakis has always managed to deliver danceable indie numbers. But “My Number” stuck to the brain like chewing gum. An absolute catchy tune!

© Ian Baldwin

"You don’t have my number
we don’t need any trouble now ”

Most heard songs - 7th place. Blur - 2nd song

Damn the song doesn't even have a real name. Blur fans hate the song because it doesn't sound like their beloved Britpop heroes at all. Because actually the guys around Damon Albarn just wanted to poke fun at grunge a little bit, and the result is their biggest hit. But somehow we all love it when the famous riff bursts out of the boxes of the indie disco, we all shout the “WooHoo” and jump through the club with our number 7 of the 10 best indie songs.

“I got my head checked by a jumbo jet
It wasn't easy but nothing i-is "

Most heard songs - 6th place. The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division

Somewhat in the slipstream of the indie school of 2005, The Wombats made their debut two years later. Also included is her biggest hit to date, “Let's Dance to Joy Division” in which three Liverpoolers indulge the post-punk heroes. For almost ten years now, the song has been part of the standard repertoire of DJs and lets the indie girls and boys hop through the disco like a wombat on Ectasy.

“Let the love tear us apart
I've found the cure for a broken heart "