What does Megadeth think of Metallica

Metallica vs. Megadeth

02.12.2012 - 11:43

Has to be too :)

The metal mega-sellers or the denial troop around the former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine? After all, both members of the "Big 4".

02.12.2012 - 11:49

Megadeth are a joke!

02.12.2012 - 23:00

Megadeth had one of the best drummers in metal history in the early stages: Gar Samuelson, actually a jazz drummer, died in 1999.
With him, Mustaine also succeeded in creating the masterpiece "Peace Sells ... but Who's Buying?".

02.12.2012 - 23:10

One further amendment:
Megadeth were of course not a denial force, but their path ran pretty much parallel to that of Metallica. After "Rust in Peace", which is roughly the equivalent of "Justice" in terms of complexity, "Countdown ..." was followed by the obvious move towards a larger audience.

02.12.2012 - 23:13


12.12.2013 - 20:09

i'm writing a 10-page thesis about metallica (my personal favorite band) and need a comparison of metallica to another band for the next chapter (in this case megadeath) can someone help me ???
(possibly many advantages of metallica compared to megadeath)

12.12.2013 - 20:13

Mainstream is the troll of the year!

12.12.2013 - 20:15

Megadeth are a joke!

But that implies that Metallica are no joke.

Robert Plant's wig

17.02.2019 - 02:28

The classic metal feud that will probably continue to exist somewhere in the background. Since Mustaine was a founding member of Metallica, it's also a kind of eternal sibling dispute.

I compare:


- amazingly willing to experiment and not afraid to offend her narrow-minded fans (something like the album with Lou Reed has to be brought first)
- in their best moments had probably stronger single songs than Megadeth (e.g. Master Of Puppets as a single song is probably stronger than Holy Wars)
- some see it as shameless, but with the Black Album they just hit the mark commercially


- technically stronger
- Much more extensive discography and only a few weaknesses
- see themselves to a certain extent committed to their genre and the fans (although commercial success was also aimed for with "Risk", but was not achieved) (direct contradiction to the Metallica point of experimentation, but so what)
- even in the recent past they still knock out killer albums like "Dystopia"

So close 4: 3 for Megadeth.

20.02.2019 - 18:26

Well seen, wig! I also see MD musically ahead - Mustaine dared too often into the spotlight and told nonsense - but in itself his skills as a songwriter and guitarist are much higher than the Metallicas. And they're better live anyway.

20.02.2019 - 20:06

Not to forget that the drummers at Megadeth, especially Gar Samuelson, are much stronger than Lars Ulrich.

Overall, as I said, Megadeth have been significantly more consistent across their careers, but have also dared to experiment less. But the first Metallica albums in particular are extremely good.

20.02.2019 - 23:02

"In itself, however, his skills as a songwriter and guitarist are much higher than the Metallicas. And they are better live anyway."

Uhhmmm ... no.

21.02.2019 - 03:55

Lulu wasn't so bad. No wonder that the rather simply knitted metal clientele could not do anything with it. Metallica otherwise irrelevant from the Black Album. Megadeth anyway irrelevant despite some good songs, also because of Mustaine‘s castrato vocals. Either way, the answer is Slayer.

21.02.2019 - 11:19

The machine is right.

Hetfield and Ulrich are worlds better songwriters. And the bottom line is that when it comes down to who the better band is, it's all about it.
And before his voice breakdown, Hetfield was the best shouter in this genre. Point.

After the Black Album they didn't really feel like it anymore or simply couldn't.
And the matter has just continued to pound through today. It's a shame, but you can understand it.

If Megadeth had had a singer like Hetfields and they could have kept the song quality of Rust In Peace and condensed it a bit, we would have a discussion. But not like that.

Slayers are (were) slayers. Consistent and consistent (even if not all that glitters in this glow is by any means gold).

21.02.2019 - 11:22

The answer is Pantera! Your whistling.

21.02.2019 - 11:38

Pantera do not play in the same genre or in the same league.

The band, of which more will stay in the long run, are Metallica - due to the first three albums and the breakthrough into the mainstream with the black band. In the meantime they seem to be making music again that is able to emphasize their own strengths. The relevant (and also the brave) stuff was different from the last two retro albums.

As for "yes, but always a bank", Megadeth are the better band. Dystopia, Endgame and The System has Failed were really good "Megadeth presents a Megadeth record" albums. And the old stuff, up to Risk, was always a little different with each release. Well They're just two disciplines.

21.02.2019 - 12:21

Well, I didn't think Hetfield's voice was that great on the first albums either. Whether you like the high noise of Mustaine better is another question. For example, I like Tom Araya better, albeit a bit monotonous.

Robert Plant's wig

22.02.2019 - 02:04

At first I had problems with Mustae's peculiar voice and singing style, but at some point you get so used to it that I couldn't think of any other way. Like such a mean goblin.

22.02.2019 - 07:23

no one can beat phil anselmo!

23.02.2019 - 23:21

Without wanting to badmouth Metallica, but they completely lack the technical brilliance of Dave Mustaine. Seen in this way, these are two worlds somewhere. At some point I just gave up trying to get into Metallica. But the shitty Hangar 18, for example, still works well, I don't know why. That is only value-free, quasi as introspection.

Robert Plant's wig

25.02.2019 - 00:08

I once listened to the old Metallica demos, even saw an ancient Metallica live concert with Mustaine. To be honest, you don't know whether Hetfield or Mustaine is the front man. (And who knows what influence Ulrich had?) And then a strange question somehow comes to mind: Was Mustaine originally the real mastermind behind Metallica? Was that why Mustaine had been so pissed off for years because he had the impression that the success he was entitled to was missing out on him? OK, he was pretty drunk and on drugs back then, and he's a bit of an ambivalent guy anyway. Not exactly the guy you want to hang out with in private, they are actually more like the guys from Metallica.

But Mustaine is somehow a phenomenon for me, at least as veteran as Lemmy Kilmister. The guy is a crazy, slightly unsympathetic genius and also an extremely good guitarist. With Kiko Loureiko z. B. he brought one of the best current guitarists into the band. And he did it too. Could have said, "Mustaine? Stupid asshole, I don't want anything to do with." But he gives himself up and I saw on youtube that he is sometimes reprimanded live by Mustaine if he doesn't play properly. Strange. Anyway, what kind of people did he have as the second guitarist in the band? Chris Poland, Marty Friedman etc. In fact, I'm really looking forward to the new album at Megadeth. While at Metallica you get the impression that a new album is more of an annoying compulsory exercise.

Anyway, Mustaine gets kicked out of Metallica ... and then records "Killing is my business ..." with the newly founded Megadeth and the real intention of the album is to show Metallica what a rake is. So the bottom line was that he was just kind of too fierce for Metallica?

The pure madness:


25.02.2019 - 00:56

> Was Mustaine the real mastermind behind Metallica in the beginning?

Since they continued to use his old riffs for years, and e.g. the music of The Four Horsemen was also from him (see also: The Mechanix): Yes and no. Mustaine must have had a very precise idea of ​​what that should sound like. And Hetfield was very impressed by it, but as a songwriter is also a bank. But Mustaine was definitely defining the style of Metallica's sound, absolutely.

Robert Plant's wig

25.02.2019 - 01:48

I have the impression that Hetfield and Mustaine respect each other on a professional level somewhere. It's probably not friends, but at some point they probably understood that they can't get past each other anyway. So in the end: Metallica was too small for them both. Metal fans can be happy about this historical tragedy anyway. :) This gave birth to the biggest metal band of all time in the mass perception and at the same time a very aggressive bloodthirsty metal band that actually wants to show the whole world that they are better and, objectively, most likely better. ;) That is almost a sport, certainly from Mustaines point of view. But he just wants to play anyway. ^^

But Mustaine can't get past Hetfield either, even if he wants to.

Have you ever seen two top dogs arguing with each other in animal documentaries? I think the Metallica-Megadeth feud is a joke against it. :) But Lars and James just booted Dave out and now we've had the whole mess for years in the form of quite interesting (Megadeth) albums. ^^

Apocalypse, destruction, the usual ...

25.02.2019 - 02:16

So - who would want to show all the bad guys what heavy metal is? You can lick my ass until you know what heavy metal is. But the ass-licking will probably raise the right question of how far sexual self-determination is the prevailing basic right and when Alice in Wonderland will become the corresponding basic right. WTF is Alice in Wonderland? ^^

25.02.2019 - 02:57

* lol * How stupid can you be? I'm going to dismantle your small-scale hopes just because you're stupid and naive and because I'll defeat you like Arnold Schwarzeneggerr, just because David Mustaine thinks it's funny. * lol *

Dave Mustaine's mother

25.02.2019 - 03:12

You stupid, brain-burned assholes ...

Robert Plant's wig

25.02.2019 - 03:16

What do you idiots want?

Robert Plant's wig

25.02.2019 - 07:43

Ah, I can tell, I gave you beef, didn't I, even though I was actually very nice? ^^ Like Jason Newsted at Metallica, right? At least I already have the corresponding hatred of being a metal player. : D

25.02.2019 - 12:14

I wouldn't hold this feud so high.

It always helps to stick to facts. At the time, Mustaine was not wearable for the up-and-coming Metallica.
On the other hand, I doubt Metallica would have got off the ground without Mustaine's jump-start. Further up, the striking continued use of the old Mustaine riffs by Metallica already sounded.

In addition, Hetfield and Co. know this pretty well and are therefore haunted by a bad conscience. That Mustaine acts (e) more like a child in all these questions, was already mentioned earlier.

Seen in this way, I come to the same conclusion as the wig: You should be happy that both bands were / are at the same level.
Ingenuity and madness are still more in the hands of Dave Mustaine, the solidity is (was) more in the hands of Metallica. But here I actually see the times more clearly past than with Megadeth.

25.02.2019 - 12:21

What is better?
Mett or sausage?
Mett or allica?
Wig or plant?
Blur or Oasis?

Comparing is the end of happiness and the beginning of dissatisfaction. (Sören Kierkegaard)

Robert Plant's wig

27.02.2019 - 00:14

I wouldn't value this feud that much.

I had probably looked a little too deep into the glass anyway on Sunday, sorry. ^^ You often get emotional in a strange way. OK, if you go to youtube, you could think from the comments (mainly under the Megadeth videos, mind you ^^) that this feud is still relevant. But this feud just belongs to Heavy Metal folklore somewhere, although everyone involved has probably already said everything about it and to each other what there is to say about it. But well, at least we talked about it. :)

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