Should I study fashion design after betting?

fashion design

prospective student  πŸ“… 13.03.2006 19:17:52

maybe i'm thinking about going in the direction of fashion design.
Now my question:

What kind of previous knowledge is required for such a degree?
And how talented do you have to be in drawing?
I've always had a great interest in fashion and also have a lot of ideas, but I have little previous knowledge of tailoring and drawing.
Does the fashion design study still make sense?

Would be great if someone could help me! :-)
fashionista  πŸ“… 16.03.2006 21:06:50

I've also thought about going into the fashion world.
Do you know where you can do fashion design without going to a private university and paying 10,000 euros a year?
So and on the subject of drawing: as far as I know, you should already be able to draw so that you can put your designs on paper, etc.
I also have little experience with tailors.

I couldn't help you much, but I wanted to post something
prospective student  πŸ“… 16.03.2006 21:28:19
yes, the design course (or often called something else)
There are at many public universities ... but don't know by heart. But it shouldn't be a problem to find out ... is very good for finding universities and colleges for the right course!

I will probably do something different after all .. the whole fashion business is a bit too "ominous" for me ;-) I mean, either you are incredibly lucky and make it big or you end up as a tailor of changes, now so exaggerated ..
Nevertheless, I wish you good luck in your search!


fashionista  πŸ“… 16.03.2006 21:49:15

I think that I will not go in the direction of fashion at the moment, because there are no "nice" training courses in the field and studying is too expensive for me at the moment ...
In addition, it is actually difficult to make it big ... there are probably a lot of people who try, because fashion-crazy girls are not a fringe group

But also wish you good luck in your professional future ... there is always an alternative!
today denina  πŸ“… 11.04.2006 14:39:59
so do dat in any case. e.g. in berlin at the fhtw, or weissensee.
you can learn this in almost any big city.
and you don't really have to end up in a tailor shop.
it just depends on how well you can sell yourself after graduation.
the recruitment tests are of course difficult with up to 500 applicants per
semester, but if you don't dare, you can't do it either.
people can see who has talent or not, you don't have to be able to draw or sew perfectly. (you learn everything there!)
The main thing is that you learn that what you really enjoy, otherwise in 20 years you will be totally unhappy because you haven't even tried it.

Yasemin  πŸ“… 12.04.2006 14:15:49
I would like to train to be a fashion designer and don't know how to achieve my goal. I would be happy if you could give me some advice. Man should probably make a folder and send it to a university of applied sciences ... Is that correct? But i don't know where I'm from Herne and unfortunately there is no ..... do you have any idea? Greetings Yasemin

fashionista  πŸ“… 14.04.2006 15:02:04
You're right, if you don't try, you don't know whether you could have made it.
The course itself is absolutely great, but I'm really wondering whether it will be enough to "sell well" ... shortening pants at Karstadt is actually the exact opposite of my future dream.
I can even draw very well, but sew ... well, I still have to learn that ...
And Berlin would of course be a dream

Anonymous  πŸ“… 19.04.2006 22:18:59
Heyho ladies !!!

I'm also interested in design and things like that. My problem, however, is that I would like to do something creative, but later don't want to end up as a salesman in some boutique. My dream would be to get a little "higher".
This is to be understood as follows: Since I know how difficult it is to sell yourself as a successful fashion designer or as a famous product designer etc. and to assert yourself or better said to become famous first, I want to take a different path! I imagine doing any job in which something economic and something creative (e.g. a feeling for fashion) are combined. In short, something like bulk buyers for department and fashion stores like Breuninger, Peek and Cloppenburg etc.
ALSO ... actually my above example already has something to do with fashion ... but wouldn't it theoretically be better to study business administration in order to be familiar with finances and the like ??? Or would a combination of studies be best ??? Well ... help me ... I just think studying fashion design is too "a vague" requirement to earn your "daily bread". how do you see it? Do you have any good tips for me?

I would be happy about your answers ...
Mollie Parnies  πŸ“… 20.04.2006 02:15:21
heyho you sweeties

In the last few weeks I have also thought about studying fashion design after graduation, but I don't really know what the portfolio and the aptitude test will look like (maybe someone would like to describe some experiences). Personally, I have the prospect of "Parsons School of Design" and have already contacted the people there about financial problems (this art school is not exactly cheap).
As far as the future prospects are concerned, one shouldn't think so extreme directly.
The Federal Employment Agency alone has a lot of offers for fashion designers, and only in the national area. And I think that you can't become a second Coco Chanel straight away after graduating.
best regards
touchyQ  πŸ“… 20.04.2006 03:48:19
Re: fashion design portfolio + aptitude test
written by: touchyQ (IP saved)
Date: 04/20/2006 3:41 am

HAVE read this section only now and copied my post into it!

Salut tout le monde!

I studied at KunstAkaStuttgart and they usually don't take in that many people per semester (then 8 students with me) and afterwards I went to the Stuttgart Fashion School for 3 years. And both times it was the case that I put a lot of effort into putting the folders together and thought a lot, i.e. into every single work of the 22 (I think). And if you are able to explain EVERYTHING you have done relatively well, what you thought and do it with conviction and sell yourself so well, then you have good cards! the aptitude test, for which you can't prepare yourself very well, in my opinion, because you have to do it yourself, you don't learn it because everything they want to know, you should be able to answer based on your own conviction of fashion design! If you're not into fashion design, then it won't work.

Between my studies and fashion school, I was still at Hugo Boss, learned a lot and currently I've achieved my goal, no my dream, namely to land at Chanel and learn a lot from Karl Lagerfeld. But I have to say that I want it myself and wanted to do it before and have now finally made it. But that doesn't mean that everyone should do it or manage it! You have to know what you want!

I can only tell you that if you want to become a fashion designer, then you have to be enthusiastic about it, and in love with this thing, conviction is part of it and you have to set yourself a goal from which you can say that I made it.
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