What is an alphanumeric password

Generate alphanumeric password

Countdown / Refresh:

If for any reason you forget to close your browser,
then pages with generated passwords will automatically after 30 minutes
reloaded to hide your passwords and overwrite your browser cache.
If there is an error message, it will only be reloaded after 6 hours.

Security / Privacy:

Of course, I don't save any passwords.
The passwords are generated and sent directly to your browser.

Of course, I don't save any IP addresses either.
The server logs are therefore deactivated.

I only use cookies if you want me to!

If you wish, you can save the preferences special characters and password length as a cookie on your computer.
Then you don't have to adjust the parameters every time you visit the page.

You can also use the definition for your "self-defined password" as a cookie on your
Save the computer so that you do not have to reconfigure the "definition" over and over again.

The special characters / password length cookies are written in plain text as cookies.
Since a "definition" is part of your password, I use a special procedure here:
Your definition is stored in a database and assigned to a special token.
You will write this token as a cookie so that the correct "definition" is assigned to you.
Of course, your generated "defined password" will not be saved.

You can delete the cookies yourself in your browser or directly on the relevant page. Visitor statistics:

For security reasons I have developed my own visitor counter,
because I didn't want to use cookies or saved IP addresses for this.
I count the visitors per day and in total for the visitor statistics.
Visitors are only counted once per hour.
To identify the visitor, I use an encrypted checksum from the IP address.
These data are "volatile" saved in the memory (RAM) as "application data" and deleted every hour.
It is not possible to draw any conclusions about the visitor's IP address.
In your case, I'll save the token "1A8608EB1CE4A57D8E7F69C0F2F071" until the next full hour.