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  1. What is PuTTY and how is it used?
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What is PuTTY and how is it used?

PuTTY is an open source application that provides users with a Telnet and SSH client via the xterm terminal emulation. By downloading the PuTTY terminals the user gets access to the source code, which can be changed if necessary. The tool was developed by Simon Tatham for the Windows operating system. The further development and support of this serial terminal program is carried out by a group of volunteers.

PuTTY is one of the most popular terminal programs on Windows computers because it gives an overview of the native functions of the popular operating system. No SSH client or server software is available in a standard Windows installation. PuTTY is the most widely used terminal software deployment tool for Windows.

PuTTY terminal is a flexible application that extends the functionality of a Windows computer. Users can communicate with Linux or Unix computers through a Remote Secure Shell (SSH) session. The security of the connected session is ensured by PuTTY's ability to fully encrypt data transmission. The application's user interface can be used to transfer files and execute commands on the remote computer. The PuTTY software Can also act as a COM port terminal, allowing users to monitor the remote computer's serial ports and connected devices.

SSH isn't the only communication method supported by the PuTTY application is supported. Users can also connect to remote computers using Telnet, rlogin, raw, and serial protocols. These different communication standards are used to provide different types of connectivity. The serial protocol can be used to establish a wired serial connection between two stand-alone computers that are not on a network. Telnet and rlogin are used for unencrypted logins that use dedicated ports.

Disadvantages of the PuTTY Terminal

One of the limitations that can cause you to look for a PuTTY - Looking for an alternative for Windows is that you cannot observe more than one device or serial port in the same session. This means that you will have to open a new window for each port or device that you are monitoring. Having to monitor multiple devices can quickly lead to a chaotic desktop and chances are you overlook important information displayed in a hidden window. Saving monitoring data for analysis involves creating a log file for each session. Merging these logs into a single file that provides an overview of your system can be a very tedious manual task.

PuTTY terminal can establish a serial connection without problems, but does not provide the functionality to adequately monitor or control connected devices. When using the utility PuTTY troubleshooting remote serial interfaces can be difficult or impossible.

For these reasons, people who have to do serious work with serial devices and interfaces may find that PuTTY is unsuitable for your requirements. You can be better served by looking for a viable one PuTTY-Look for an alternative.