What is bilateral amputation

Amputated thighs on both sides?

Today, being amputated on both sides does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your life planning. Modern prosthesis technology specifically supports people in their situation in shaping their everyday life largely independently and self-determined. An electronic knee joint, for example, uses intelligent sensors to recognize critical situations in advance in order to deal with them accordingly. Whether the integrated trip protection function, the intuitive standing function or targeted support when sitting down - the innovative functions of our electronic joints were developed for the special needs of users who have amputated one and both sides. Even if you have to adapt your everyday habits to the new circumstances at one point or another, choosing the right knee joint gives you the opportunity to regain freedom and self-determination.

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  • I am amputated on both sides. Are electronically controlled prostheses suitable for me?

    Whether mechatronic prostheses are the right solution for you depends on various factors. Important aspects include the amputation level, the condition of your residual limb and your general physical condition. Sufficient training to build up the necessary muscles as well as close cooperation with your orthopedic technician and therapist also play a role.

  • How do I know which special prosthesis type is right for me?

    Covering your individual needs within the scope of the technical possibilities is crucial for us when developing our prostheses. Our range also includes the right mechatronic knee joint for your specific level of activity and your individual living conditions. Your orthopedic technician will work with you to define which prosthesis is suitable for you and will provide you with appropriate test prostheses.

  • What do electronic knee prostheses offer to users who have both sides amputated?

    Our electronically controlled knee joints not only take into account different levels of activity, but also your individual need for safety. Thanks to intelligent sensors, wearers amputated on one or both sides can also be supported in critical everyday situations. For example, the integrated trip protection of the Kenevo, C-Leg 4, Genium and Genium X3 prosthetic joints "recognizes" the beginning of the trip and can thus prevent a fall in good time.

  • Amputated on both sides to experience everyday life from the “second row”?

    It doesn't have to be. Try e.g. E.g. our electronically controlled Kenevo knee joints from Ottobock to experience everyday activities outside of the wheelchair. More mobility in and around your living area can promote social integration and joie de vivre. The Kenevo knee joint, which, thanks to its three selectable activity modes, "grows" with your requirements, of course also lives up to its nickname as a prosthetic knee joint for "safe guards".

  • Going through life hand in hand again?

    A bilateral thigh amputation does not mean the end of your life planning, but requires careful examination of various orthopedic treatment options. With our electronically controlled C-Leg 4, you can meet your everyday life at eye level again, as other bilateral amputee users have already successfully demonstrated. You benefit from proven functionality, which can offer you a high degree of stability and everyday security.

  • Are recreational activities such as fishing trips still possible?

    Here is the good news for you and your fishing friends: After some getting used to, convinced users of our electronically controlled Genium knee joint were able to take decisive steps towards a fulfilling professional and leisure life. The joint supports you with intelligent additional functions in many activities related to family, job and leisure. Weatherproof, it also ensures a particularly harmonious gait pattern.

  • Back to work after a bilateral amputation - how does it work?

    If you want to continue your professional activity with a bilateral amputation and actively support the development of your children, you may find your everyday companion in our Genium X3 knee joint. Robust and suitable for everyday use, the joint supports not only numerous walking speeds but also backward running, climbing stairs and activities in and around the water.

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