What happens in Lost Season 6

To the 6th season "Lost"

"Lost": With season 6, the US mystery series about the stranded survivors of a plane crash hits the home straight. The guesswork remains (from 23.9. At Kabel 1, 10.15 p.m.)

When US late night talker Conan O'Brien slipped in front of the cameras in September 2009 and hit the back of his head hard on the concrete floor, he described the severity of the fall as follows on the next program: "I hit my head so hard that for five seconds I actually understood what 'Lost' was about ... "

Who has never heard of "Lost", will have difficulties finding their way in the tricky universe made up of countless storylines, time levels, parallel worlds and characters - but whoever has bitten once is actually lost. "Lost", the mystery series penned by Hollywood prodigy J.J. Abrams ("Star Trek") has fascinated - and frustrated - his fans around the world for five years now. Fascinated because hardly any TV production in recent years has played so cleverly, excitingly and intelligently with puzzles, hidden clues and secrets. Frustrated because there is hardly a series that answers the pressing questions so little.
At first hardly anyone thought that there would even be a second season of this Robinsonad. Stranded on an island: Either they will be rescued or not - what else should happen? A lot.

A plane crash, an island in the sea, four dozen survivors - these were the cornerstones of the series, conceived and written
by Damon Lindelof, Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams, on September 22nd, 2004 on Disney-owned ABC. The two-hour pilot episode was the most expensive TV production at the time, at $ 12 million. Nevertheless, the first half hour ran without commercial breaks, very unusual on US television. Over 18 million viewers tuned in, "Lost" was set to become one of the station's most successful programs. After the spectacular crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, the new islanders are now concerned with survival - but very soon for reasons other than expected. In the course of the seasons, the island turns out to be a haven of mysteries and dangers, including time travel and bomb detonation.

Also that the main roles were cast with lesser-known actors helped the guesswork - no sooner had you spread your sympathies than the next story twist made you doubt again. Is Daredevil Sawyer (Josh Holloway) really just a superficial sun boy? Does Jack (Matthew Fox), the charismatic hero with the helper syndrome, also have dark sides? Why was the pretty Kate (Evangeline Lilly) handcuffed on the plane? Is the enigmatic, gentle bald man John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) one of the bad guys or the diabolical Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) maybe good? And what's behind the lottery numbers with which the likeable heavyweight Hurley (Jorge Garcia) once won several million dollars?

Numbers, names, pictures - all clues in the large "Lost" puzzle. It is no coincidence that some figures here are named after philosophers (Locke, Rousseau, Bentham). Hurley's winning numbers are: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. This exact combination of numbers has to be entered into a computer later on on the island, every 108 minutes. 108 is also the cross-sum of the numbers, and: after 108 days in the fourth season six of the stranded (the Oceanic 6) finally leave the island - to return later.

The sixth and final "Lost" season actually takes place at times in another world, in a kind of parallel universe. In this other plot world there is a flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines, with all protagonists on board, which does not even crash. And for the sixth season that means a reunion with characters who have already died - resurrection à la "Lost", so to speak. When ABC published promotional images in the Last Supper look for this, the fan base was hotly debating about possible hidden clues. The wildest theories have long been circulating on the Internet, and there is even an online reference work: Lostpedia.

reply - that's what the fans are waiting for now. The countdown for "Lost" begins with the sixth season, which started in the USA with a big event in Hawaii (where the series was filmed for the most part) at the beginning of February. Star Matthew Fox has warned against expecting too much - she could be disappointed. There will be answers, but the question is whether the viewer will like them. Nothing is impossible with "Lost" - also that at some point you will understand what is behind it. And if you have to hit the ground hard with your head.

Volker Bleeck

Good tip for all beginners and fresheners: the clever feature "Everything about Lost in 8:15 minutes" (also as a bonus in the DVD box of the 4th season)

Season 1 - The Crash

On the flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, the Oceanic Airlines plane 815 crashes somewhere in the Pacific. 48 survivors direct themselves
on the beach of a lonely island, hoping to be saved soon, among them the charismatic doctor Jack Shepard, daredevil Sawyer, the enigmatic John Locke and the tough Kate.

Season 2 - The Others

Jack's group meets other survivors of the flight who live on the other side of the island. They tell of islanders whom they call the others and who aggressively defend their terrain. The survivors enter an underground station through a hatch they find in the jungle, where a man has to enter a certain combination of numbers into a computer every 108 minutes.

Season 3 - The Kidnapped

Jack, Kate and Sawyer are kidnapped by the others and taken to a laboratory called the Hydra, which apparently belongs to the so-called Dharma Initiative, an ominous research project that the island used to be for all kinds of experiments. They can free themselves, but in doing so they lead some of the others to their camp on the beach.

Season 4 - The Escape

A freighter appears off the coast, and some of the stranded believe in rescue. But the freighter's crew is only interested in one very specific man: Benjamin Linus, the leader of the others. Jack manages to leave the island together with five others, the apparently only survivors of the plane crash are hailed as Oceanic 6 in the media. Benjamin is shooting on the island
Linus on a kind of antique time wheel: the island disappears.

Season 5 - The Return

John Locke receives the order to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the island. The survivors on the island
have to struggle with leaps in time that catapult them into the island reality of the 1970s. Jack sets off a hydrogen bomb. (all seasons available on DVD, season 5 from March 25th)

Not only on the Internet do the fans wonder what could be behind "Lost". Here are some of our favorites:

The stranded are dead and in a kind of limbo.

The stranded are part of a perfidious laboratory experiment.

The stranded dream a collective nightmare.

The stranded were drugged and never crashed.

The stranded are part of a cleverly told television series ...

Stranded (Season 1, episode 1 + 2) In the beginning there was a crash - a terrific start in cinema quality. Already here there are references to later - pay attention to Locke's parable backgammon story ...

orientation (2nd season, episode 3) In the underground station, an old film provides important information about the Dharma Initiative. When Hurley learns the numbers that have to be entered into the computer, he suspects bad things.

Behind the mirror (3rd season, episode 22 + 23) On the beach there is a showdown with the others. For the first time, a screen is used that shows Jack's future life. In it he is on the verge of suicide.

The return (4th season, episodes 12-14) The three-part season finale has the insane episode that the island disappears completely after Ben has turned back the big wheel.

Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
(5th season, episode 7) The final (?) Confrontation between Ben Linus and John Locke: "I'll miss you, John. I'm sure of that ..."

The storytelling tricks

Backwards, forwards, sideways - "Lost". The dramaturgical tricks:

In order to tell the background stories of the characters - and thereby give crucial clues - were already at the beginning Flashbacks used. In the 3rd season came the variety of Fade-in for use. In season 5 different time levels were introduced, in the 6th season it is Side panelsthat enable the dramaturgical change between parallel worlds.