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The majority of German citizens play a musical instrument or have the desire to do so

20.09.2009 – 09:45

Society Of Music Merchants (SOMM e.V.)

Berlin (ots)

The results of a broad GFK study commissioned by the Society of Music Merchants (SOMM e.V.) have confirmed that many people have the desire to play an instrument.

A survey entitled "Musical instruments and making music" was carried out in July 2008 to determine the population's attitudes towards active music playing and to obtain further background information on the subject. The survey was carried out in 11,900 households, which is a representative cross-section of all German households.

While 16.5% of German citizens can play a musical instrument themselves, just under 47% of those who do not have the desire to do so. The first place among the instruments that would like to be played is the piano with 52.5%, followed by guitar / bass with 27.6%. This means that the piano is very popular with around a quarter of German citizens.

The reasons for wanting to be able to play an instrument can be found in the statements made by non-musicians about the importance of music in life (45.2%), playing an instrument is relaxing (36.4%) and playing a musical instrument is fun (46.6%). This information is confirmed and even surpassed by the respondents who play an instrument themselves. 96% of the instrument players say that playing an instrument is fun. Around 85% find it relaxing and 73.9% see their imagination fired by exercising.

In addition to the above-mentioned results of the study, other interesting findings could be obtained. The Society of Music Merchants (SOMM e .V.) Is the association of European manufacturers and distributors of musical instruments and equipment. The commissioning to carry out the study pursued the intention of using the results to further research, promote and publish music-making. More information can be obtained there.

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