Why do multi-family homes use brokers

Sell ​​your apartment building or residential and commercial building now

Sell ​​an apartment building and get good prices

If you want to sell a residential and commercial building, you should value a first-class presentation. The more detailed the information about the commercial building, the more likely it is that interested parties will decide to invest in an apartment building and to buy it. For this property, information about the number of apartments, the living space in square meters, the number of rooms and the total property size in square meters are important. It is helpful to submit a rental list for the apartment building that you want to sell. On the basis of this list, the interested party can get an overview of the expected rental income in the apartment building before making a purchase decision. Precise information about each individual apartment with exact square meters make it easier to get an overview. If there is office or commercial space in the commercial building, extensive information about the tenants and the submission of the rental agreements are required. Is the house a new building or an old building? In which year was the apartment building built? How large is the sqm proportion of commercial space in relation to the total rental space? All of these key data play an essential role in the purchase price. The professional assessment of a real estate agent who knows exactly what the real estate offers and what is in demand in the region is essential. In order to achieve a good purchase price and to sell the apartment building as profitably as possible, marketing through a professional broker is recommended.

Selling an apartment building - it all depends on the purchase price

When selling a house, it depends on the purchase price per square meter. The residential and commercial building can only be sold if the value for the investment property has been realistically determined in advance. Investors only buy a property at a reasonable square meter price. If properties are on offer for too long because the price is too high, the purchase price for this property may have to be corrected - in these cases it takes significantly longer for investors to buy the apartment building. The amount of rents is also important. In order to generate long-term income, realistic rents per square meter are required. Only secure rents and a low vacancy rate guarantee a corresponding return per square meter for an apartment building. Precise statements can be made here on the basis of the rent index in the respective district. An apartment can only be rented out permanently at a rental price that can be achieved in the long term. A precise market analysis that takes into account the location of the property, the current condition and the amount of rents is therefore essential.

Buy an apartment building as an investment

For the buyer, the investment in an apartment building or apartment building means a solid capital investment. In times of low interest rates, in particular, it pays to buy real estate such as a residential and commercial building. A reasonable purchase price ensures a realistic and profitable calculation for the investment property - no investor will buy the commercial building overpriced. A professional property valuation is therefore important. Get in touch for a free evaluation. Many investors buy an apartment building for retirement. A fully let property with a good tenant structure promises secure rents that ensure the repayment of the loan. In metropolitan areas in particular, the demand for an apartment to rent is increasing, so it is worthwhile to buy appropriate real estate. Low financing rates and a high repayment rate offer the possibility of quick debt relief. Once the loan has been paid off, the rents ensure a permanent income in old age. The apartment building offers tax advantages for the buyer of the property: On the one hand, he can write off the purchase price for the residential and commercial building. On the other hand, he can claim all costs related to renting and leasing the apartments and the business in the house and thus reduce his taxable income. The rents for the real estate, on the other hand, are taxable. The demand to buy an apartment building continues unabated.

Selling an apartment building - professional support is required

A real estate agent supports you in the professional preparation of the documents about the property. If further documents, such as the legally required energy certificate, an exact square meter calculation or an extract from the land register, have to be provided, the broker will take over the procurement of the documents for the residential and commercial building. The specialist explains in detail what prospective buyers need to buy a residential and commercial building. A comprehensive exposé that highlights the strengths of the properties ensures a high level of demand. High-quality real estate photos, which show the apartment building from its best side, complete the information about the residential and commercial building. The more professionally the documents are prepared, the better the impression is on the potential buyer who wants to buy the investment property. On-site inspection appointments and discussions with interested parties who are thinking of buying a residential and commercial building and paying off the rent. the real estate agent takes over. For the seller of real estate this means enormous time savings - he can also rely on the fact that his house is in the best hands with a competent realtor. If you want to sell an apartment building, you have the best chance of getting a good price and marketing the property quickly with a good broker. Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate market, the broker offers competent support, is a reliable contact person for the seller and the buyer and achieves excellent results.