Speaks less well for your health

The Minister-President Malu Dreyer says:

All people can help

so that the corona virus Not spreads even more.

This is important because otherwise many people will get sick.

Please help.


Helping goes like this:

Stick to the rules.


This includes 3 important rules:

• Keep distance

People shouldn't be close together.

People should be 1.5 meters apart.

For example in the supermarket.


• hygiene

Hygiene means:

All people take care of their health.

Hygiene is spoken like this: Hü-gii-eene

Hygiene includes, for example:

They wash their hands often and thoroughly with soap.

You sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm.


• Wear a mask

The corona virus is transmitted via tiny droplets in the air.

The droplets come into the air when people:

• speak

• to cough

• sneeze

The droplets are called aerosols.

When people inhale the aerosols,

can they get sick.

That is why all people should wear a mask.

This means that fewer aerosols are released into the air.

Then fewer people stick with it

Corona virus.


This is also important:

• Ventilate the rooms regularly

For example:

Open the windows and doors often.

Fresh air helps against the corona virus.


• Use the Corona app

The Corona app is a program for the mobile phone.

The Corona app does not cost any money.

The Corona app shows you

whether you've met someone who has the corona virus.


Please help everyone.

Together we can slow down the corona virus.