How do I learn Git

How do I learn Git effectively?

Every beginning is difficult, even with Git. Well, with Git there is still a bit of confusion. But trust me here, I and many others have already learned to use Git.

I even put together the beginnings of Git for you in a free email crash course especially for Git.

Here you can find the relevant course. Simply register and you can start right away.

As a little treat, you will even get a cheat sheet in the form of a PDF at the end. With short and concise explanations of the procedure of the standard workflow and a few commands so that you also learn how to use Git Bash.

If I still haven't been able to convince you, here is a brief insight into what to expect:

  1. Learn Git - The Beginning!
  2. Learn Git - Your first project with Git!
  3. Learn Git - Working with GitHub + Cheatsheet

In the first part, we'll start with setting up and installing Git and Visual Studio Code. I'll use an example to explain what Git is and how it works exactly.

In the second part we start directly, either with a new project or, alternatively, with an existing one that you are currently working on. You will initialize a repository, record new entries and document them properly.

In the third part the time has come - we start with GitHub (and / or GitLab)! I'll show you how to create a project on GitHub, how to keep your repository up to date and also how to update it! Everything with the Git Bash goes without saying.

Of course you will also receive the cheatsheet along with the 3rd email!

But what is most important to me, if you have any questions or problems, contact me immediately via Instagram or e-mail to was [email protected] Together we will find a solution. It is my goal that you learn how to use Git and also understand how the exact process works!