Penis Captivus is a real thing

Yeah yeah 8 brazen lies that men tell about their best piece

From small falsehoods to outrageous lies: men talk carefully about their best piece. Because here a centimeter is what feels like a kilometer and the functionality is of course always in top shape. Clear. Here are eight popular lies that men tell about their best piece. Do they look familiar to you?

"So far only my great love has seen it."

This answer should be absolutely tactical. Is he trying to impress us with the fact that he is a loyal soul? He's allowed to, but please don't lie. Mama will surely have seen it once and if no one looked after that, it would be really sad, wouldn't it?

"Hundreds of women have seen it."

Also badly tactical to say so, dear men. And pretty stupid. After all, which woman would like to be number 101, 202 or 301? Just. No!

"How long is it? I don't know. I've never measured it before."

In all those years as a little boy and later in the communal shower with the other boys and afterwards - in all that time he should really never have asked himself how long HIS is and whether he is average or upper third? We don't believe

"He hasn't disappointed a woman yet."

To be honest: From a certain age on, it should have happened to everyone, really EVERY man, that his best piece didn't want his best piece as he did.

"It's just from shaving."

Should we always believe everything he tells us? Maybe he's just come from an exotic trip and has caught something else. And now I want us to believe that his rash comes from shaving ...

"Took photos? Nah, never before."

Yeah yeah Not even as a teen. Not even on the fun evening with the other guys after a lot of vodka. Not even on the evening when he found himself incredibly handsome and sexy ... exactly.

"He is naturally so velvety and hairless."

It's nice that the men are now undergoing an intimate shave. But we can still remember all too well what such a male bush looks like. And that there are smooth-shaven, velvety-soft genitals, we can't remember with the best will in the world.

"Oops. So this has never happened to me ..."

Never happened before So so. Honesty would be great. Then we forgive you men if it doesn't work. We women are the ones with the understanding, forget ?!