What is the most compact VR device

VR NEWS: Virtual Reality for the nose

So far, virtual reality and 360 ° films have primarily been an experience for the eyes. Slowly but surely, a market for VR gadgets for the nose is developing. An inventory.

The virtual reality world is constantly changing. It is constantly growing, thriving and changing. Some developers are currently in the process of establishing olfactory VR on the market. The visual and auditory stimulation that was previously received via VR headsets is now to be expanded to include olfactory and other physical elements. In the following we have put together a list of some very promising and some strange devices that we may come across more often in the future.


The Olorama system also comes with software that can be used to synchronize video files with the spray puffs. The company also provides Olorama plug-ins for the Unity and Unreal 3D engines. This allows game and VR developers to incorporate smells into their titles. The cheapest Olorama system with a coverage of 14 square meters costs 1,600 euros in the company's own online shop. If you want to use larger areas, you can order additional "WADs" (Wireless Aromatizing Devices). Olorama is currently the only system available on the market. All other products are currently only available as pre-orders.

FeelReal - the multi-sensory VR glasses or VR mask

This mask not only offers odor, but also a whole range of physical stimulations such as heat, water vapor, vibration, wind, etc. In contrast to the Olorama system, it is only used in combination with VR glasses. It is compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Zeiss VR One. Fans (for warm and cold airflow), a water nebuliser, a microphone and two vibration motors are built into the housing. For the odor simulation, the mask has a removable cartridge in which up to nine different smells can be inserted. So far, the device can only be pre-ordered on the FeelReal website.

Vasqo VR

This odor dispenser was developed by a start-up from Tokyo. It is supposed to add smells to VR experiences. It's about the size of a chocolate bar and is attached to VR glasses by means of magnets. This device is compatible with Oculus, Vive and PlayStation VR. The compact device can hold three cartridges with different smells and emit several fragrances at the same time - from the smell of gunpowder to a peach aroma. According to a report by the Japanese Otaku News, the plan is to increase the capacity to five to ten smells. Mini fans ensure that the smells are distributed. The intensity can also be controlled. If the user approaches an object in the virtual space, the fan rotates faster in order to intensify the smell. The device is currently still in the prototype phase.

Nosulus Rift

These glasses for the nose were made by Ubisoft for the video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole developed. Presumably primarily a PR gag to market the video game. It was about giving players an immersive experience by having the mask simulate smells right under the players' noses. In the specific case, it is about the smell of fart. And only about the fart smell. Because the fart is a central gameplay element: You can fart to move around, to fight, etc. The device can currently only be tried out at game fairs. So far, there is only one game that Nosulus is compatible with.

On the Ubisoft website you can see what the development of this device looked like in a perhaps not-so-serious video. Professional perfumers tell how difficult it was to create the perfect fart artificially. This part might be a fun gag at parties, but whether it will catch on for regular use remains to be seen at first.

Oh Roma

This odor mask comes from the porn industry. It is designed to provide users with an immersive adult experience. Visually, it is definitely not the most elegant device. Because it is very reminiscent of a respirator like the one used by the fire service. Each mask has two exchangeable cartridges, in each of which you can put three “odor cartridges”. The available smells are very special, depending on their area of ​​application. They range from "panty odor", "body odor" to "aphrodisiac odor". The device was developed by CamSoda. So far, only pre-orders are possible.

/ by Johanna Sebauer