Will cops ever stop profiling?

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4 Fiction Photo: Jerry Bauer / Suhrkamp Verlag Der Traum des Kelten Author: Mario Vargas Llosa 447 pages, bound Suhrkamp Euro 24.90 (D) Euro 25.60 (A) sfr 35.50 (RRP)

5 5th August 1916, death row in a London prison. Roger Casement looks back on his adventurous life. He remembers the years in Africa when, on behalf of the British government, he wrote a momentous report on the colonial atrocities in the Belgian Congo. And he continues to think back to his childhood in Ulster, Ireland, his ambiguous origins from a strictly Protestant father and a devout Catholic mother who died far too early. The year 1910, when Casement travels to the Peruvian Amazon to document the gruesome machinations of a company that uses British capital. What he sees and hears there almost drives him crazy. In the process, he, the now controversial idealist and public enlightener, becomes more and more aware of his actual mission. He secretly goes to Berlin and seeks German support for the Irish independence movement. But in the turmoil of the First World War, he got caught between all fronts. And is betrayed by those he believes he loves. Revered as an enlightener and hero, ostracized as a criminal and homosexual, the great, visionary Celt Roger Casement dreamed of a free, pacified world. With all his epic power, Mario Vargas Llosa traces the internal and external struggles, the turbulent work of this controversial historical figure, both relentlessly and impressively. Author Mario Vargas Llosa, born in Arequipa / Peru in 1936, studied humanities and law in Lima and Madrid. During his studies he wrote for various magazines and newspapers and published his first stories before his first novel The City and the Dogs was published in 1963. The Peruvian novelist and essayist has always appeared as a political author and is therefore very successful far beyond the borders of Peru. His most important works include The Green House, The Goat Festival, Aunt Julia and the Art Writer and The Bad Girl.Vargas Llosa holds honorary doctorates from various American and European universities and held visiting professorships at Harvard, Princeton and Oxford, among others. He applied as a candidate for the opposition Frente Democrático (FREDEMO) in the Peruvian presidential elections and was defeated in the runoff election. He then withdrew from active politics. In addition to numerous other awards, he received the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 1996 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010. Today Mario Vargas Llosa lives in Madrid and Lima. Der Meister Author: Herbert Rosendorfer 159 pages, hardcover Edition Elke Heidenreich C. Bertelsmann 16.99 euros (D) 17.50 euros (A) sfr 24.50 (RRP) A delicious satire on the scientific community. In a bar in Venice, two friends remember their musicology studies and their long-gone student days: there was the "divine Giselher" who knew everything about musical instruments but didn't play any, or the beautiful Helene Romberg, who turned everyone's heads. But most of all they are talking about a student who has been called "the master" for his meticulousness. In order to increase his livelihood, he wrote articles for a music lexicon and invented many composers, such as Thremo Tofandor. However, when an eager student began researching it, Master got into trouble. In order not to be exposed, he kept inventing new details (his place of residence, an exchange of letters between Tofandor and Hindemith) and in the end even composed his works! At the latest when a specialist article appeared about him, there was no longer any doubt: Thremo Tofandor existed and ultimately became the undoing of its inventor A punchy satire on the scientific community in general and musicology in particular by a grand master of the subject, about whom the "Neue Zürcher Newspaper "wrote:" Such a lively storytelling talent has a captivating rarity in the German-language literature of our day. " Qiqiao is penniless, but beautiful. In China in the mid-20th century, she has the choice of being hitched to the golden yoke of an arranged marriage or being held as a concubine. Qiqiao marries in the rich Jiang

6 Das goldene Joch Author: Eileen Chang 388 pages, bound Ullstein Euro 19.99 (D) Euro 20.60 (A) sfr 27.90 (RRP) family and has to come to terms with the bedridden son. She hates her husband and in her loneliness falls in love with the handsome brother-in-law. Caught in the strict family order and helplessly at the mercy of the spite of her relatives, she begins to seek solace in opium. Qiqiao breaks at its time, in which the modern promise of self-determination stands alongside rigid morals and the Confucian family ideal. In this and four other stories, Eileen Chang brings the changing Shanghai of the 1940s to life. Ant, who brought his addiction and psychological and physical wounds with him from the poppy fields of the theater of war in Afghanistan. It's the people who beg us for money or something to eat on the subway, underpasses and on the street every day, it's the junkies and alcoholics that we are only too happy to overhear and overlook that Jon McGregor is in this startling one and gives a voice to a brilliant literary book. This voice will permanently change our view of the margins of society. 06 Last, the dogs Author: Jon McGregor 240 pages, bound Berlin Verlag Euro 22.00 (D) Euro 22.70 (A) Knowledgeable, visually powerful and with a deep inner rhythm, Jon McGregor, one of the most important voices of the young British people, guides us Literature, through a world of needles and knives and thus creates a monument to those people on the fringes of society who we are only too happy to overlook in our everyday lives. Despite all the harshness, his story of the trampled and battered existences reads like an eulogy for humanity. Robert is dead. He provided shelter to a community of alcohol and drug addicted homeless people. But now he lies strangely twisted on the floor of his living room. When Danny finds him on an icy winter night between Christmas and New Year, he flees and frantically searches for mutual friends, their community of handicapped people. What is traced here in many flashbacks is a unique collage about the lives of the outcasts. It tells the story of Danny, a somewhat naive, meek, heroin addicted child from the home, who seems by no means made for the harsh world in which he moves; his partner Mike, who is trying to get his schizophrenia under control with heroin, and Katherine Pancol has written a very clever and humorous book. It's about love, family, lies, betrayal, in short, about life itself. Joséphine Cortès stands in front of a heap of dust: she has put her useless husband, who is comforting himself over the drama of his unemployment with a beautician, in front of the door. As a historian with a focus on the history of the Middle Ages, she earns a living for herself and her two teenage children. Since then she has felt even more inconspicuous than before. Then comes an offer that she cannot possibly refuse: She is writing a book and her beautiful sister Iris pretends to be the author. On a whim at a party, she told a publisher that she was writing a heartbreaking historical novel - but is in truth suffering from writer's block after a time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. The publisher is so enthusiastic that Iris can't get out of the number. And Joséphine can use the money well if she wants to manage the divorce and the two daughters. What she doesn't expect, however: The novel becomes a bestseller, and the sisters' lives suddenly turn upside down. Joséphines The Yellow Eyes of the Crocodiles Author: Katherine Pancol 608 pages, bound C. Bertelsmann Euro 22.99 (D) Euro 23.70 (A) sfr 32.90 (RRP)

7 07 Der Spiegelkasten Author: Christoph Poschenrieder 224 pages, bound Diogenes Euro 21.90 (D) Euro 22.60 (A) sfr 36.90 (RRP) Everyday life turns into a turbulent rollercoaster ride. And there is now room for a new love in your loved one. This turbulent and fun-loving novel deals with seductive ease of family, lies, betrayal and love, in short, of life itself, with all its small joys, everyday fears, forbidden vices and big dreams. In the spring of 1915, the German-Jewish officer Ismar Manneberg wrote a letter from the trenches to a woman who didn't exist - any Fraulein Müller, after all, all of his comrades sent messages home. He receives an answer completely unexpectedly. The lines of the strange woman as well as the strange methods of a military doctor help him not to lose his mind in the terrible reality of trench warfare. Ninety years later, a great-nephew of Ismar Manneberg finds his war photo albums and in them the blurred image of a mirror box. The young man is currently in a personal and professional crisis and is getting increasingly lost in the grainy black and white shots of madness. And when one of WarGirl18 arrives who seems to know something about the mysterious mirror box, he goes completely off track. Events far back in the past are enormously explosive right up to the present day. Great material that you think you know, told from a radically new perspective. Jacob Hunt hates the color orange. And he hates it when his usual daily routine is disturbed. Routines are vital for him because he suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, an autistic disorder. That's why Emma, ​​his mother, only cooks green dishes on Mondays and red dishes on Tuesdays. And she has long accepted Jacob's obsession with forensic science. But then his tutor Jess is found slain and Jacob is suspected of murdering the young woman. The hard-won normalcy in Emma's small family collapses. Jacob has to answer in court. All the evidence speaks against him. But Emma takes up the fight. Because it's about keeping your son from prison and about the rights of people who are different. Ivy Bachmann is a modern woman in her early thirties who many would envy: She lives in the posh London district of Notting Hill and models wax figures at Madame Tussauds based on famous models. Her friendly colleague Willem is at her side in all situations, her boss is more than enthusiastic about Ivy. She also feels connected to her family, to the impulsive sister Nathalie, who foregoes the professional challenge for husband and child, and to the helpful father, whose hobby, genealogy, consoles him over the suicide of his wife. Still, Ivy doesn't want to succeed at everything: She is afraid of flying and has been single for years. After the bitter disappointment caused by the arrogant actor Javis, she does not want to get involved in a relationship again. So she dreams of a man. While working on the statue of Vicent Van Gogh, she notices that the sculpture is increasingly becoming a reflection of her own wishes. A man who will never hurt you, who will never betray you, but who is not alive either. In the eyes of the other author: Jodi Picoult 685 pages, bound Lübbe Euro 19.99 (D) Euro 20.60 (A) sfr 28.50 (RRP) speaker : Maximilian Artajo, Rolf Berg, Nicolás Artajo, and many more 6 CDs Min. Edited version Lübbe Audio Euro 19.99 (D & A) sfr 29.90 (RRP) Audio sample Light turbulence Author: Alexa Hennig von Lange 320 pages, bound C. Bertelsmann Euro 19.99 (D) Euro 20, 60 (A) sfr 28.50 (RRP)

8 lives running away. Your fear of flying is only a picture of the fear of dealing with the past and the blockade of your own future. So she decides to face life and with it love ... Oriol, Franco opponent and republican fighter, perished in a snowstorm while fleeing over the Pyrenees. This is what family tradition knows. Almost seventy years later, however, his great-nephew, with the help of a goatherd and a forest woman, uncovered an unbelievable story. especially from the man who is said to have been dead for seventy years. And who at that time, in a hopeless situation, stripped off all the influences of civilization. Western literature began with Homer.His epic humankind about the adventure of the cunning Odysseus and his companions became the guiding star for the most important poets from Virgil to Dante to Shakespeare. Even today, the "Odyssey", this "triumph of storytelling" (Virginia Wolf), proves to be the most obvious metaphor for man's life and his fate in the world. 08 Das Bärenfest Author: Jordi Soler 224 pages, bound Knaus Verlag Euro 17.99 (D) Euro 18.50 (A) sfr 27.90 (RRP) It tells of what can become of a person who has lost everything. Jodi Soler's novel about the human abyss in a seemingly archaic world is a narrative masterpiece. What do people do who have lost everything, home, family, beliefs? In the course of 1939, countless people coming from opposite directions collided with each other in the Pyrenees, who just experienced this. While civil war refugees from the Spanish side are trying to save themselves to France, more and more people from the opposite direction are fleeing from the Nazis. Many of them lose their lives miserably. Oriol too. He has been venerated like a saint in his family ever since. Until a rumor is spread to a great-nephew. After long years of siege and the longed-for victory over Troy, King Odysseus is drawn back to his Greek homeland after adventurous research. But the crossing turns out to be dangerous and puts the ingenuity of the equally clever and imaginative hero to the test in numerous episodes that have become popular: In order to free himself from the captivity of Cyclops Polyphemus, Odysseus calls himself "nobody" and stabs the giant's eye out . The prudent king resists the chants of the hermaphrodite sirens by plugging the ears of his companions with wax and having himself handcuffed to the ship's mast. Hardly escaped this danger, with the sea monsters Skylla and Charybdis already threatening new calamities. This verse epic unfolds the rich world of antiquity with a detailed abundance of reality, strong, down-to-earth language and differentiated figure drawings. Odyssey Author: Homer 448 pages, bound Manesse Euro 29.95 (D) Euro 30.80 (A) sfr 40.90 (RRP) The book magazine from No. 39 November 2011 Editor Bernd Kielmann Rugenbarg Norderstedt Mail: Bernd Kielmann Finanzamt Bad Segeberg tax number price list 1/09 Editor-in-chief: Bernd Kielmann Editor & final editor: Sandra Kielmann Cover: Sarah Koska Photos from the archives of the publishers, from the agencies, authors, specified photographers, manufacturers and the publisher Copyright Medien-Info.com 01/10 Layout: Odilon Cavalcanti - Sao Paulo (Brazil)

9 09 Lilly Lindner was six years old when she was raped. She is silent - in the aftermath of the violence. The man moves away one day, but Lilly's life has long been out of balance. And so she decides to starve - so that as little as possible remains of her battered body. She calls herself Ana and forgets that she has a right to her own name. Life rotating faster around an empty center to the limits of the self and beyond. “Sickster” is a large diagnostic image of the time and the debut novel by an author whose language, according to Iris Radisch, is “charged to the last comma”. Splitter fiber naked Author: Lilly Lindner 400 pages, Broschur Droemer Euro 16.99 (D) Euro 17.0 (A) sfr 25.90 (RRP) Sickster Author: Thomas Melle 336 pages, hardcover Rowohlt Berlin Euro 19.95 (D) Euro 20.60 (A) At the age of seventeen Lilly moves into her own apartment, but her life is still in ruins. Finally she begins to work in a Berlin brothel, because her body, she thinks, has not belonged to her for a long time, why not at least earn some money with it? The delicate young woman who is eloquent, intelligent and sensitive at the same time becomes a desirable prostitute. Surrounded by the red light, she writes a provocative book of tremendous linguistic force. Two young men are at the forefront of an overheated consumer and performance world and hold out until the acceleration takes hold of their lives, overgrown: the idealistic Magnus Taue writes for an oil company's customer sheet, feels like a loser and hates his work with the anger of a sleeper . Thorsten Kühnemund, manager and macho, secretly suffers from the successful glossy life full of pressure and alpha novelty, he numbs himself with alcohol, fast sex and falling into juggernaut clubbing in the city. Known from school, the two reluctantly become friends. But then the facades collapse. Magnus feels drawn to Thorsten's friend Laura, and all three whirl around. A search for some truth of feeling, thinking and doing begins, a search in intoxication, pain and delusion, and Thomas Melle empathically and radically explores herself in her own soul. Marlene Streeruwitz creates an eerie and unforgettable scenario in her masterful novel and asks according to the place of the individual in an increasingly privatized public. Amy Schreiber wants to assemble her life as best it can today. She leaves the family she was born on, which she could never rely on, and no longer wants to refer to the great-great-grandfather's dusty celebrity, which always only restricted everyone. A modern education should give her independence, she wants an interesting job in the expanding security industry: international connections with mysterious assignments, an exciting life. Everything is going according to your ideas. But brutal confusions of fate destroy the basis of her life: a loss of memory, a serious accident by her friend Gino, a miscarriage. There are also family blows: the illness of the beloved foster mother and the demands of the great aunt in London. Amy Schreiber has to free herself from the grip of the past and wants to find out whether the disasters are her fate or the instruments of others to make her compliant. Amy's forlornness corresponds with the struggle to perceive reality. What can she believe Who is she herself? And above all: what happened that day that she can't remember? The pain maker. Author: Marlene Streeruwitz 400 pages, bound S. Fischer Euro 19.95 (D) Euro 20.60 (A) sfr 28.50 (RRP) Download older issues free of charge:

10 Photo: Mia Lewis The Good Psychologist Author: Noam Shpancer 288 pages, bound Knaus Verlag Euro 19.99 (D) Euro 20.60 (A) sfr 30.90 (RRP)

11 11 He is a psychologist, his specialty is fear. During the day he practices, in the evening he explains to students what makes good therapy. When he accepted a nightclub dancer with a phobia as a client with little enthusiasm, he had no idea how much her problems and secrets would radiate into his own life. She comes on Fridays at four, and the psychologist has made an exception for her because he actually only works until three. But he is interested in the case of the night club dancer, who can no longer perform on stage because of panic attacks. He can talk to his colleague Nina about her case. Nina allows that. But not that he talks about his love for her. Although there is a child in common. The psychologist tries to keep his feelings in check. He preaches to his students what a good psychologist must be able to do. What he must not do under any circumstances. And then it happens to him: the line between the personal and the professional is dangerously blurred. A delicious and instructive novel about the contradictions between theory and practice, about the chaos in one's own emotional balance and about the only thing that really matters in life: love in all its manifestations. Author Noam Shpancer, born in 1959, was born in a kibbutz and now lives in the USA. He is a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ohio and also works as a therapist. His focus is on working with anxiety patients. The good psychologist is his first novel. Femme fatale Author: Jirí Kratochvil 258 pages, bound braumüller Euro 19.95 (D) sfr 28.50 (RRP) Katka is dedicated to literature: herself with skin and hair and in the truest sense of the word. The acclaimed young writer is at the center of a dance of excesses, cruelty, pain and power. A life as a means to an end, as material for literature that dominates everything else in Kratochvil's grandiose latest novel. Typical of the Czech Republic's most brilliant narrators and, as in his critically acclaimed novel The Architect's Promise, the author abducts readers in Femme Fatale into a balancing act between reality and unreality, the conscious and the unconscious. Kratochvils Brno is a fantastic, surreal world, in which suddenly and with insidious charm the ground can be pulled away from under your feet; In addition to his masterly art of storytelling, his tools include countless allusions and cross-connections to other authors. Femme fatale is an unusual, entertaining novel about creative freedom and its limits. What begins in the first part as a relationship story in Brno in the 1990s and ends as a spectacular erotic thriller turns out to be a refined and symbolically enigmatic allegory about the obsession with writing, also at the price of being devoured by one's own stories, in the second part. to get lost from one's own self. How can it be that one's own brother suddenly only obeys the rules of Allah? That he is neglecting his own son because he believes that God wills it? When Maya Haque returned to her family in Dhaka after many years, she no longer understood the world. Sohail, her beloved brother, once a progressive thinking young man and like her a fiery fighter for the freedom of Bangladesh, has transformed into a devout Muslim. Maya's parents' house is fun to the place- My Stranger Brother Author: Tahmima Anam 333 pages, bound Insel Euro 21.90 (D) Euro 22.60 (A) sfr 31.50 (RRP)

12 has become feminist madness, and Sohail forbids his son Zaid from attending a secular school. But a lot has changed in Maya's life too. As a doctor in the country, she had to experience how brutally women are suppressed, how strong the dull superstition of the village population is still. The atrocities of the War of Independence left deep marks on everyone: the countless raped women, the traumatized young fighters.gram, he is involved in a real worker's and freedom opera from 1848, he interferes with the ups and downs of south-west German politics, he fears and hopes and understands Undine's flight to Freiburg as an attempt at freedom. A political criminal affair in 2010 turns into an Undine novel. And at the end a new signal lights up in the night sky. 12 Maya takes care of neglected little Zaid. But when Sohail sends Zaid to a distant Koran school where he is mistreated, Maya has enough. Without the help of her mother and the countless reminder notes, London would be in a fix. She has a rare form of amnesia. The past is a black hole for her, the future is well known to her. Salamander Author: Jürgen Lodemann 384 pages, bound Klöpfer & Meyer Euro 22.00 (D) Euro 22.70 (A) sfr 31.50 (RRP) There is a legend of Undinen that they are like human women, but with anatomical peculiarities. The beautiful student whom the elderly writer Holterhoff lets live with him in Freiburg is not only called Undine, she also fulfills the other fabulous requirements, namely as a disguised »shemale«, as a disguised »ladyboy«. Two admirers pursue her, one of Turkish origin, the other of US origin. When one of them murders the other, the federal prosecutor takes over the case. Harry Holterhoff, the very old author, tells the unheard of in an exciting way, full of doubt and fear, full of confidence and sensuality. It's about sexuality, about integration, about dreams, about classical music, about football, about stalking, about terrorism, about the media. Also about "the first time", about death, about the Black Forest. Around the planet. Until the last moment of his life, Holterhoff tells a story that is as erotic as it is political, when events from the time before the murder alternate with events afterwards, making everything a ride across Lake Constance and only the reader knows what is about to happen. For the old author, the word "Freiburg" is a pro- The doctors are at a loss, and their mother insists stiffly that the disturbance occurred for no apparent reason. Nobody but London's best friend knows about her problem. So in high school London is always worried that someone might see through them. When London meets the handsome Luke, her life becomes all the more complicated. There's no way Luke should think she's a freak, and London has to keep trying new tricks to keep him from finding out that she falls in love with him every day. With Luke's help, London finally unravels a well-kept secret: something terrible happened a long time ago. Is that the reason for London's missing memories? In an old van, Wladek and Pawel rattle around the markets and bazaars of Southeast Europe. Until recently, they got rid of their second-hand clothes from “Paris-London-New York” without any problems. Recently, however, colorful Forgotten have appeared between sheet metal, concrete and dirty glass. Author: Cat Patrick 304 pages, bound Marion von Schröder Euro 16.99 (D) Euro 17.50 (A) sfr 23.90 (RRP)

13 13 Behind the sheet metal wall Author: Andrzej Stasiuk 350 pages, bound Suhrkamp Euro 22.90 (D) Euro 23.60 (A) sfr 32.90 (RRP) Titanic - the total celebrity massacre Authors: Oliver Maria Schmitt, Mark- Stefan Tietze, Hans Zippert 352 pages, bound Rowohlt Berlin 25.00 euros (D) 25.70 euros (A) house blocks: picturesque hieroglyphs advertise textiles from China at dumping prices. When Wladek falls in love with the ticket seller of a Slovak hiking hype, the two friends are suddenly drawn into the criminal activities of people smugglers. What began as a melancholy-meditative road novel develops into a rapid story of persecution, which is no longer about counterfeit Chinese western goods, but about life and death. Andrzej Stasiuk has written a novel of the present and the future of how globalization is breaking through and transforming the East. Scenes of disturbing cruelty, episodes of intense tenderness, a farewell to the European continent: in this mélange lies the charm of his new book. The masterfully drawn landscapes in the evening light of history form the background of a narrative of the material and moral collapse of an entire world. TITANIC is unsinkable: The “flagship of German humor” (FAZ) has become Germany's most popular and at the same time forbidden satirical magazine with its legendary caricatures, spectacular actions, exemplary tasteless jokes and reliably weird covers. The magazine has always had a particularly close relationship with celebrities and other annoyances just think of "Pear" Kohl, GENSCHMAN, "Merkel" and Roberto "Why not a Negro as Federal President?" Blanco. Now TITANIC is taking action and is subjecting the world's most famous personalities to a merciless celebrity check: Who is really unimportant? Who is totally annoying? And who should we immediately forget? This magnificent volume contains the answers. It not only contains scandalous celebrity stories, cartoons and jokes at the expense of third parties, but also a lot of exclusive background reports with partly razor-sharp pictures, unbelievable facts and highly interesting factual distortions; including revelations about Prince Charles (“60 years without a job England's laziest unemployed!”), Rainer Brüderle (“Where to put the yellow bin?”) or Tokio Hotel (“Four good reasons against having children!”). A People's Bible to touch and take with you, to read and laugh at at home or on the celebrity beach in Saint-Tropez. »Why did you choose this path? What fascinates you about the world of rites, the saints and the cross? «Full of concern and indignation, the priest Andreas Wingert calls down from the pulpit the consequences of the abuse cases in the Catholic Church until he himself comes under suspicion. Now he seeks advice and help from his childhood friend, but Thomas is in hospital with a heart attack. On the way back from a visit to Thomas, Andreas remembers: of a childhood and youth in the Westphalian province, when he and Thomas were inseparable, of the seventies in Berlin and Cologne, Wales and Munich. Then Andreas took an unusual path: Fascinated by the rituals of the Catholic Church, he went to the seminary, while Thomas got married and made a career as a humanities scholar. The challenges of everyday life and modern life, which hardly knows renunciation, become a constant challenge for Andreas. Michael Göring tells of a great, lifelong friendship, of a religious vocation and of the tightrope walk of a priest today. The tightrope walker Author: Michael Göring 352 pages, bound Hoffmann and Campe Euro 19.99 (D) Euro 20.60 (A) sfr 32.90 (RRP)

14 The Dutch Virgin Author: Marente de Moor 338 pages, bound Suhrkamp Euro 22.90 (D) Euro 23.60 (A) sfr 32.90 (RRP) Father's return Author: Alfred Neven DuMont 160 pages, bound Hoffmann and Campe Euro 17.99 (D) Euro 18.50 (A) sfr 28.90 (RRP) Summer Janna, a young fencer, is supposed to be an apprentice to an old friend of her father Jacq. From Maastricht she travels across the border to Aachen. Egon von Bötticher, a true master of his art, lives here, wounded and bitter, having returned from the First World War. On a lonely estate, which he rules with an iron hand, he teaches two twin brothers and organizes bloody duels for students. Janna finds himself in this strange world, whose aversion to the scarred Egon soon turns into love. But what secret is there between him and her father? In search of answers, she finds letters addressed by Jacq to Egon and gets deeper and deeper into the mystery of the past. Little by little the outside world breaks into the estate and it comes to a dramatic breakup. Rich in images and at the same time precise, Marente de Moor draws and colors a time of transition: a girl matures into a woman, a war is on the horizon, innocence turns into guilt. ”Father and son. We are made of one wood. We cannot get away from each other. ”In his new novel, Alfred Neven DuMont sensitively and emphatically describes a relationship between father and son that is burdened by incomprehension and the apportionment of blame. Only when they both face the past do they find a way to each other. Karl, in his early forties, has just been promoted to the board of directors of his bank, he is happy in his marriage to the younger Marie and loves his two daughters above all else. A life in the fast lane, nothing seems to be able to stop him, when suddenly his father appears. The father, whom he had thought dead for thirteen years and who is now beginning to take control of his life in a way that is just too uncanny. Not only does he dismantle the gleaming present, he also forces his son to grapple with the past, a past that Karl has repressed for years. Udo Berger has only one passion: war games. Even when on vacation on the Costa Brava, he spends most of his time playing the strategy game The Third Reich, a simulation of the Second World War. One evening Udo gets to know the mysterious burned man, a Latin American allegedly disfigured by torture, of whom he is immediately fascinated. In the Third Reich, he was supposed to take over the role of the Allies and change the course of history. The game dragged on for weeks. After the initial victories of the Nazis, however, the tide suddenly turned and Udo saw the catastrophe approaching. The eerie, subtly ironic novel is a highlight from Roberto Bolano's estate. He describes the suppression of the past by a ritualized consumer culture and asks the question of the secret of evil. The eternal longing for a new beginning Spielmann wants to draw a line, back to Europe and start his life again. His marriage seems to him hopelessly lost after decades, and yet he feels in the seemingly mute coexistence of togetherness, despite all injuries and all powerlessness, maybe even a shy love. To his work at a company that 14 Das Third Reich Author: Roberto Bolaño 320 pages, bound Hanser Euro 21.90 (D) Euro 22.60 (A) sfr 29.90 (RRP) In free fall Author: Erich Wolfgang Skwara 256 pages, TB. rororo Euro 8.99 (D) Euro 9.30 (A)

15 15 doing business with people's longings, he no longer believes in spite of his success.“In freefall” tells the story of a man who finds the strength to ask himself the very important questions again late, who knows himself and his motives and knows what he can and wants to expect from life. Parents exposed. In the face of a loss of household control, electric shocks in the schoolyard and an identity crisis, Ben wedges himself more and more into a self-made building of lies until everything is blown up and Marie throws him out. But a real houseman never gives up! And so, with the help of the children and the cat, Ben sets out to recapture the house and wife. My mother's silence Author: Lizzie Doron 220 pages, brochure DTV Premium Euro 14.90 (D) Euro 15.40 (A) sfr 21.90 (RRP) A photo. A garden, Tel Aviv, 1950s. In the foreground is a sturdy little girl, looking at the camera, a doubtful or desperate look, but maybe the sun is just dazzling. In the background there are bushes, and there, framed by a small white circle, another face. Almost unrecognizable, tiny and distant. Is that the father the girl didn't know? After which it asked again and again in vain and then - long grown up - began to research? "My mother's silence" tells of a woman's detective search for traces of her father. Was he a kapo or a partisan, a traitor or a hero? A search for the meaning and justification of what will be shown to be an insane secret. Lev is a seeker of fortune: he came to London to give his family a better life. Strange and lonely, he thinks back to his wife Marina, who died young, his little daughter Maya and the crazy experiences with his friend Rudi. But Lev is determined to fight for a future: He sends money home, discovers an unexpected talent, finds friends and even a new love. When he received bad news from his home village, he had a big, adventurous idea ... Powerful and clear, full of humanity, warmth of heart and liberating humor, Rose Tremain tells of someone who has to accept that something is left behind every time you leave. The Long Way Home Author: Rose Tremain 490 pages, TB. Insel Euro 9.95 (D) Euro 10.30 (A) sfr 14.90 (RRP) Der Hausmann Author: Wilko Weiss 336 pages, brochure Scherz Euro 13.95 (D) Euro 14.40 (A) sfr 20, 50 (RRP) When Ben's company goes bankrupt and Marie gets an interesting job offer, there is no question for Ben: That little bit of housekeeping will take care of itself, and as a self-employed person you can just as easily work on the side. But while the former controller is still scrupulously looking for the right font for his household lists on his computer, the basement is already under water, parcels are blocking the entrance door for the entire neighborhood and the two children of their parents think I can only manage a hoarse whisper. Hello, are you in pain? Hello? Please don't move! All I wanted was for this much too calm little body to move. Next to the woman was an overturned walker. Apparently I hadn't just knocked someone over, no, I had knocked down a poor, handicapped mother. You can see what happens there if I want to change my life. Hart but Hilde Author: Bettina Haskamp 285 pages, TB. Ullstein Euro 8.99 (D) Euro 9.30 (A) sfr 12.50 (RRP)

16 Nobody Valley Authors: Ursula Giger, Jürg Glauser 288 pages, TB. dtv Euro 9.90 (D) Euro 10.20 (A) sfr 14.90 Because of my mother. Unlucky Pia has no idea that the sprightly Hilde will turn her life upside down. It really is high time Pia just turned forty-two. She doesn't ask much, just a little slice of happiness: a good job and black numbers in the account, maybe a man at her side, but this time a solid copy, please. Hilde Liebig is eighty-two and looks back on an eventful past. Right away she likes the young woman to whom she owes her broken arm. One of those would be right for her son Paul, a bad-tempered, arrogant lawyer. Too bad that Pia wouldn't even talk to a man like Paul willingly. And that Paul thinks absolutely nothing of women like Pia. But there is Hilde. And suddenly things are going really well at Pia. Iceland is known for its harsh climate, barren landscape and long, dark winters. An apparently inspiring mixture, because the dynamic literary scene in Iceland is unparalleled in Europe. The anthology invites you to take a stroll across the island in the far north. Sixteen Icelandic authors are to be discovered: Auður Jónsdóttir, Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson, Gerður Kristný, Guðmundur Óskarsson, Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir, Gyrttósín Esson, Stefósín, Hermann Tóson Sigurðsson, Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir, Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir, Sigurlín Bjarney Gísladóttir, Steinar Bragi, Sindri Freysson, Þórarinn Eldjárn and Þórunn Erlu Valdimarsdóttir. And she remembers what happened to the little Indian girl the Gattmans adopted at some point. Maja was different. She didn't say a word, was strangely aloof. Therefore, no one knew what had happened when she reappeared after six weeks just as suddenly and unharmed as she had disappeared before. Ulrika decides to unravel Maya's secret. But there is also Kristina, who lives secluded on an archipelago island and seems to know the key to an almost unbelievable turn of the story of three women whose lives are different than expected. Dhaka, East Pakistan. Rehana is happy. She is celebrating a party in the garden of her house: the roses are blooming, her specialty biryani is a success. Her children Maja and Sohail, soon to be grown up, are still the center of her life, and they too are deeply attached to their mother. Nobody has any idea what is to come. But there is unrest in the city and events roll over: the Pakistani government refuses to recognize the election victory of the opposition leader, and the freedom struggle in Bangladesh is cruelly suppressed by Pakistan. In the chaos of the looming War of Independence, Rehana initially only has one goal: to save her children. But in the end she too has to make a difficult decision. 16 Shell beach Author: Marie Hermanson 298 pages, TB. Insel Euro 9.95 (D) Euro 10.30 (A) sfr 14.90 (RRP) In the name of my children Author: Tahmima Anam 325 pages, TB. Island Euro 9.95 (D) Euro 10.30 (A) sfr 14.90 (RRP) After many years, Ulrika is returning to the place where she spent happy summer holidays as a child with the Gattman family and their daughter of the same age. The psychiatrist Martin and his wife Lucy are returning to Australia after years. His old friends are completely entranced by her, only one behaves strangely, rude, inappropriate: Felix, his best friend. Felix is ​​terminally ill.

17 17 Night for three dogs Author: Peter Goldsworthy 352 pages, TB. DTV Euro 9.90 (D) Euro 10.20 (A) sfr 14.90 (RRP) But he doesn't want pity, he only wants one thing from his friend: his wife. First as an accompaniment for an evening and finally for a trip into the bush to the Aborigines. There is this point where feelings turn into the physical: stomach cramps, sweating, dizziness. Thinking no longer works, the body is a single sensation. Martin lies alone in his bed in Adelaide while Lucy, his great love and wife, spends the night with (or with?) His best friend. And there is nothing he can do but suffer. A novel that tells of a strange world in many colors, fascinating, wild, beautiful and frightening. Actually, the two do not go together at all: Waltraud, who likes to be elegant, and the down-to-earth Mariechen. But even if they constantly misunderstand each other, the friends master life together. They travel and celebrate, take part in cultural life, bring themselves up to date with modern technology and prove that eroticism does not have to be taboo in old age. There is a lot that younger people can learn from the sprightly ladies: How can hotel prices be lowered? What should you pay attention to when giving gifts? And what do the contents of bathroom cabinets reveal about the owners? Even if life is not a meat salad - with Waltraud and Mariechen there is at least a lot of fun. No movement! Author: Denis Johnson 208 pages, TB. rororo 7.99 euros (D) 8.30 euros (A) Hairdresser and barbershop singer Jimmy Luntz has been gambling away the money of dodgy loan sharks for years. But some people don't like it at all. Unscrupulous people with large-caliber guns. On the run from money collectors, the beautiful Indian Anita becomes Jimmy's companion and suddenly it's no longer just about a few giants for the lottery and poker, but about his life, sex and $ 2.3 million. The bookseller Stephan and his girlfriend Cora want a child. Well, Cora actually wants a child, and Stephan moves with them. You plunge into the adventure of a pregnancy test in the Dixi toilet and chaos in the antenatal class included. But the baby is hardly born. Cora goes back to work and leaves the planned young father Stephan alone with the little screamer The diaper always falls on the butter side Author: Falk Osterloh 368 pages, TB. Knaur 8.99 Euros (D) 9.30 Euros (A) Waltraud & Mariechen. Life is not a meat salad Authors: Volker Heissmann, Martin Rassau 202 pages, TB. rororo Euro 9.99 (D) Euro 10.30 (A) 66 years of age is far from over: Germany's funniest widows give an insight into everyday life for seniors. Whether hospital, cruise or coffee party where Waltraud and Mariechen appear, the mood arises. The two quirky Franconians make sure of that with their loose mouths. They neither spare themselves nor others, wear their little niggles with composure and do not shy away from rough jokes. Because how does Mariechen say? "There's still enough space below the belt for decent things!" Well-styled is half the battle! This is the motto of London's most successful personal shopping Anne Valentine. So the offer from a television station to turn gray mice into true supermodels in a new show comes at just the right time. And as long as she follows the instruction, everything will go well. But Annie has a mind of her own, which will soon not only be felt by her boss, but also by her dearest ... Styling deluxe Author: Carmen Reid 384 pages, TB. Knaur Euro 8.99 (D) Euro 9.30 (A)


19 19 Breathe into your feet Author: Mark Welte 288 pages, brochure Kiepenheuer & Witsch Euro 14.99 (D) Euro 15.50 (A) sfr 21.90 (RRP) Jan and Lina dream of very different things: He dreams of her and she from drama school. When Lina made the jump to the famous Otto Falckenberg School, Jan got a place there too. However, a small fraud is necessary for this. That is not a problem, because Jan exists twice. His twin brother Henrik is the exact opposite of him: big mouth and absolutely fearless. For Jan, drama school is the biggest risk he has ever taken. But Lina is worth every risk. The theater turns out to be a cosmos with its own laws: whistling is forbidden, the seating arrangement in the canteen is puzzling and the first movement in the big theater is a complete disaster. But the magical Christmas party at the latest reconciles Jan with the madness of theater life. And after all, he learned early on: As a twin, it is difficult to become one with the universe. Little by little, Jan fights his way to his great love. And he can use everything he learns at drama school: fencing, flirting and breathing into his feet. ”There are definitely a few advantages to attending drama school. If I want to see friends I just turn on the TV. The woman from the yogurt commercial was one step above me, the detective bending over the corpse at the crime scene was in my class, and I know the corpse too. Personally. (Already at school she was a very convincing corpse, her roles were sedentary. I hear she can make a living from being dead.) “Someone takes a break from his job as an editor, a clever, established mental offender. He wants to go to the South Seas, to the other end of the world; To warm up he has been hired for two months on an expedition ship as a literary travel companion. But in the South Seas his clever, literature-based world is increasingly shaky, ghosts of the dead appear, first in his dreams, then in everyday life. Western reason is only a blueprint - taboos, seers and shamans magically attract him. The beautiful Matarua is one of them, her teacher is the most knowledgeable shaman in the Cook Islands. And she predicts hard work for the dropout, which he will have to do with a light hand - before he can get Matarua if she wants him. But first he has to flee, because he is privy to the circumstances of the death of a renegade "witch doctor" who is found in pieces. When on the run he meets someone who appears to be extremely credible as a messiah, our protagonist breaks off his South Seas dream, prefers to go to a place of his childhood to come to terms with himself and the world again - and is suddenly confronted with work that Matarua's teacher gave him. The plot is fictional, but is based on the author's sabbatical year, which he spent writing in the South Seas. A rare mixture of a journalistically precise travelogue, a psychological novel, a crime thriller and a philosophical essay. Full of irrepressible love for tales. Sauna, hot stones, sweats. Is there anything worse than having to celebrate your 50th birthday in a bourgeois restaurant with the whole family, including your husband's business colleagues and neighbors? What if you also have mood swings and now and then glows like a stove? Doris (49) seeks her salvation in flight: She prefers to face the dreaded date with her former school friends Katja (49) and Anke (48) - with a wellness weekend on the Baltic Sea, with all the pipapo. Matarua's legacy: Tales from the South Seas Author: Andreas Döring 315 pages, TB. Kratzke Verlag Euro 12.90 (D) In ​​the heat it is at least not cold Author: Dora Heldt 318 pages, brochure DTV Euro 14.90 (D) Euro 15.40 (A) sfr 21.90 (RRP)