Tim Burton has children

Tim Burton: "The Island of Special Children"One of his best films

So bizarre, so peculiar, so wonderfully dreamy: Only this one picture develops that special pull that films need: a young man walks along the beach. Sea. Blue sky. He has a thick rope in his hand and with it he pulls a blonde girl behind him, who is floating behind him at a height of three meters. Just this picture. One of the most beautiful films by the cinema magician Tim Burton has become "The Island of Special Children". This story about the not quite normal, the weird, or as Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine calls it:

"In normal parlance we would be called 'special'."

"Special" children pursued by eyeless monsters

But unfortunately, according to Miss Peregrine - wonderfully played by Eva Green - special people are persecuted throughout their lives. So Miss Peregrine and the children live in places like this.

"A home for special children."

This also explains why Jacob has to pull Emma behind him on the rope, because it is also lighter than air. If she doesn't have her lead shoes on, you have to tie her to a leash to prevent her from flying away. Secondly, it becomes clear to Jacob that his grandfather's story about the easy girl or the one with the fire in her fingertips, the boy with the beehive in his body and the girl who is lighter than air, that all of these stories are true. Jacob, the boy from that century, is now where his grandfather was, in the time warp on September 3, 1940, in Wales, in the orphanage. Time loop? Miss Peregrine manipulates time, for good reason:

"We choose a safe place, a safe day and create a loop. - What do you mean? - A loop. Preserves the last 24 hours. If you reset the loop, you experience the day all over again. If you reset it every day , you can live there forever. Completely safe from the outside world. "

But not entirely safe from the long-legged, eyeless monsters that target the eyeballs of these special children. And now Jacob, who also has special abilities, has to go into battle with the other children, just like his grandfather once did.

"So, children, your main job is to protect one another."

Wonderful work from the Tim Burton cosmos

Of course, Tim Burton's "The Island of Special Children" reminds of the "Harry Potter" - and the "X-Men" - with the motif of the "special", those capable of practical magic, with the monster figures that have to be defeated Line. But Tim Burton manages in his wonderful film to develop a very special pull when he builds this fantastic world. The penchant for visual details is legendary for the creators of "Edward Scissorhands", "Big Fish" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". After the disappointing artist film "Big Eyes" from 2014, Tim Burton has now returned to his own cosmos of sparkling imagination, exploding ideas and fine character drawings with "The Island of Special Children".

Why "The Island of Special Children" is so fascinating is also due to the fact that Burton covers his fantastic story with a veil of melancholy, grief and farewell: Jacob moves from the US suburb to "old" England because his grandfather - played by Terence Stamp - was murdered. As a little boy Jacob still believed his horror stories, as an adolescent and young man what the old man said about this orphanage in Wales was just gossip. And it is precisely this attempt to find your way back emotionally and internally to your beloved grandfather, that is the underlying emotional flow that, yes, practically drives the film. But in the end, and that is the quality of Tim Burton, it does not go down in the computer image thunderstorm.

One can only hope that "The Island of Special Children" is not the start of a film series, but that this special film about special children can remain special and unique. In any case, Tim Burton, we need not worry, will design many, many more fantasy worlds. With dolls made of fabric and wood or plasticine or with beings created in the computer, it doesn't matter: For this brilliant film artist, the fantasy volcano - Tim Burton proved it again in this film - continues to simmer.